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        Motomax Car Care Product Review

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Motomax Car Care Product Review

        The CarTrade.com team has reviewed a host of cars till date. Along with the glamour and gloss of the auto sector comes the part where we also need to get down and dirty. The efforts that we undertake to clean these cars and make them clickable are immense; especially since the cars are battered with dust post the test drives we conduct on them.

        I have reviewed many cars of late but then reviewing a car care product was something I had never done before. So when the team at Motomax asked if we would like to review their products, I was more than happy to do so.

        Motomax brings a comprehensive range of car care and damage control products. It comes from the house of Pidilite Industries, the same company responsible for Fevicol, M-seal, Dr.Fixit and other products.

        Since Motomax belongs to a reputable and trust worthy brand such as Pidilite Industries, we decided to delve in.

        For this review, I chose my own humble Tata Nano. It has been a complete work horse or perhaps a work pony. The car is tiny and petite indeed but then, we still use it to the maximum possible. Rough terrains, rains, uneven road surfaces, extreme weather the Nano has seen it all. In addition of being my daily car it also doubles up as the tracking car for all the car reviews I do.

        As a matter of habit, I personally wash all my review cars and the Nano too. Although, lately I got too occupied with the review cars and could not pamper my sweet little yellow car. So after collecting all sorts of dust, minor scratches and muck all around, the Nano was the best review platform to test the worth of Motomax products.

        Motomax Car Care Products

        Exterior Care

        1) Motomax One Step Compound:

        The purpose of One Step Compound is to treat the minor scratches on the car (painted surfaces) by filling them up with the special formulation and giving a high gloss surface finish to the scratched surface.

        Minor scratches are those scratches, which occur due to a minor brush up between surfaces. This can happen in tight parking lots, densely crowded traffic zones or kids playing in the parking. Also, while travelling on gravel roads, the bits that fly off from the following car end up damaging the body of our car. So the instances on how these minor scratches accumulate on our car are many. At times, we don’t even notice them until the car gets cleaned.

        The procedure to apply the One Step Compound is illustrated on the yellow 100gms pack. Take a small quantity of the compound and using a damp cloth, apply it on the scratch affected area in a circular motion. Once applied on the scratch area, clean the area with cloth or with a buffing pad in case using a machine.

        The product is indeed useful. It doesn’t take too much time and is very easy to apply. It was successful in removing all the minor scratches from the car and also some irremovable marks due to bird droppings etc.

        2) Motomax Car Shampoo:

        The purpose of the car Shampoo is to clean the dirt accumulated on the surface of the car and also to enhance the paint life of your car body.

        Washing the Car with Shampoo is very important as the concentrate is capable of removing all the dirt particles accumulated on the surface. The Car shampoo also helps in retaining the new car shine, which normally goes dull with time and climate torture on the car. The shampoo treatment can actually make you retain your dad’s car and not sell it at all. The concentrate moistens the dirt particles and then helps it remove faster.

        The tough areas where in the dirt gets accumulated and refuse to come out is the corners of wheel fenders, Lower areas of bumpers, radiator grille mesh and most importantly around the logo and the spacing between model syllables.

        The procedure for using the car shampoo is, Rinse the car with water to remove loose dirt. Pour in 10ml of the concentrate in 3 litres of water. Stir in thoroughly until it forms a lather solution. Wash the car with this and then once done rinse the car with clean water and then with a dry cloth to avoid wet spots on the car.

        As explained, we used the shampoo and were happy that it successfully removed all the dirt and mud accumulated on all the corners. The 10ml was sufficient for my Nano and it cleaned it up all in one wash. My car no longer looks like a 10month old car instead it looks brand new.

        3) Motomax Car Cream:

        The Motomax Car Cream is used post cleaning the vehicle with a shampoo and then wiping it with a dry cloth.  It helps in getting the additional luster on the car surface. The cream boasts of a mixture of cleaning agents and Carnauba wax base. The ideal application surface for the car cream is on metallic surfaces as it gets a gloss finish unlike matte finished surfaces.

        To apply the Motomax car cream, you don’t need any water or supporting material. An applicator has been provided with the 60gms container. After having removed the loose dirt with the help of a dry cloth (after washing), dampen the applicator and then take in some cream and rub it all over the metallic surfaces on the car body. Make sure the car has no hard dirt particles or else it gets accumulated on the applicator and may also end up scratching the surfaces. Once the entire car is coated with the cream leave it for few minutes.  Wipe off the dry matte coat of the cream formed with a dry cloth for a superb shine.

        My experience with the car polish has been decent. The only thing that I don’t like is the applicator. These applicators are actually useless after using it for few times. The reason being, no matter how much clean you try to keep your car, it is still going to have dust over it. The applicator tends to collect all the dust while rubbing the polish over the car. The pores of the sponge applicator get filled with such dirt particles and no matter how much you wash it, it just refuses to go and in turn leaves very minor scratches on the body. Secondly, I prefer enclosed bottled containers compared to the wide open mouth like these, the reason for this is a better opening/closing option and secondly the cream polish tends to solidify and loses its emulsion state when they come in contact with water or air.

        Interior Care

        1.) Motomax Dahboard Polish: The interior dashboard polish is to remove all the stains and marks left by dirt, grease and other sources. The dashboard polish similar to the car cream polish comes with an applicator too.

        Take small amount of the transparent concentrate on the applicator and rub on the dashboard, door trims and leather and plastic surfaces.  The interior dashboard polish remains effective in cleaning all the dirt marks and stains. It also brightens up the surface which otherwise fall victim of the harmful sunrays. The interior polish helps in preserving the new car shine and also it does not leave behind an unpleasant odour, which some of the other products tend to leave. The interior polish can not only be used for the internal surfaces but it can be used on bumpers as well as on the vinyl surfaces too.

        Motomax Car Care Products: Conclusion

        The overall review with Motomax products has been impressive. My Nano looks all pampered now. With the growing amount of pollution and the harmful torture on the car body, maintaining the car with such products has become very necessary. These products not only work on enhancing the look and bringing a shine to your car but also help in maintaining the body and the paint life of the car for a long time.

        Motomax Car Care Product Review Images