Buying a Car An Astrological Perspective

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For many Indians, Astrology is an important point to consider when undertaking important decisions. And, as well as know, buying a car is one of life’s largest decisions.

Today Shiva Shankar, auto engineer and aspiring astrologist, takes a look at how astrology impacts the purchase of a car.

It’s well known fact that while selecting a car or a bike there are many parameters one considers before taking delivery of the vehicle. The relevant stages are:

  • Which colour to select?
  • Which Registration Number to choose?
  • Which day delivery be taken?
  • Which time should delivery be taken?
  • Ornaments to decorate the car.
  • Taking out to first outing or getting Pooja done at a temple.

Astrology is a very extensive and detailed subject and giving a full analysis is tough. However, this is an attempt to give some guidance on the above points. Feel free to ask any questions as required.

Important: We understand that there are many people who do not believe in astrology. However, it is an ancient tradition in India and it does play a very important role in the lives of a large number of people during various important decisions in their life, and more so in the auto sector. We ask that you respect each other’s sentiments in any subsequent discussions.

Person’s Yoga

Before we get into specifics of buying a car, it is an interesting point to see how a person’s personal horoscope affects his car ownership. Though we cannot go in specifics, this is determined by the person’s Lagna Kundali or birth chart, specifically the Fourth House of the Lagna Kundali.

Venus (Shukra) plays an important role in owning a car. The person with Venus in his fourth house will surely own a car.

Rahu and Kethu play important roles in accidents. So in the same way, their position in a person’s Kundali determine incidence of accidents.

To get the exact birth chart, there are various online sites available where one can enter date, place and time of birth, after which the exact birth chart is generated. There are many more relevant details, which play a role and can be noted only on the full birth chart.

Let us now look at the car’s purchase.

Colour selection

Though the car’s colour is a personal choice, there is an astrological implication in the colour choice. Particularly, people need to see whether a specific colour is suitable for their horoscope or not.

In astrology, the suitable colour is determined by the owner’s Rashi, which is determined by the position of the moon at the time of the birth.

The following are the colours favourable for respective Rashi (Zodiac Signs).

Rashi Zodiac Name in English Adhipathi Favourable Colour
Mesha Aries Kuja Red,Yellow,Safron
Vrishabha Taurus Shukra White,Green,Black
Mithuna Gemini Budha Red,Grass green, Grey
Kataka Cancer Chandra White,Red,Yellow
Simha Leo Surya Red,Yellow,Safron,White
Kanya Virgo Budha Red,Grass green, Grey
Tula Libra Shukra White,Green,Black
Vrischika Scorpio Kuja Red,Yellow,Safron
Dhanur Sagittarius Guru Red,Yellow,Safron,Bronze
Makar Capricorn Shani Blue,Green,Yellow
Kumbha Aquarius Shani Blue,Green,Yellow
Meena Pisces Guru Red,Yellow,Safron,Bronze

The same exercise can be done for Graha also (Planets)

Graha English Name Colour God
Surya Sun Red Shiva
Chandra Moon White Durga
Kuja Mars Blood Red Subramanya
Budha Mercury Green Vishnu
Guru Jupiter Yellow Shiva
Shukra Venus White and lightgreen Lakshmi
Shani Saturn Deep Blue Trimurthy
Rahu North Lunar Node Grey Naga
Ketu South Lunar Node Mixed colours Ganesh

For example, suppose at the time of birth, Moon is in Makar Rashi then the Rashi of that person is Makar. The adhipathi of that rashi is Shani (Saturn). Hence the favourable colour for the person born in Makar Rashi are Blue, Green, and Yellow

Registration number

Once the car’s colour has been selected, we need to choose the car’s registration number. Usually, the dealership will present a number of choices.

Usually, the number is based on either the person’s lucky number or the number 9. The lucky number is often based on the person’s date of birth.

Example: If a person is born on the 16 th of a month, then his lucky number would be 1+6=7, i.e. his lucky number would be 7. Alternatively, the number of 9 is generally considered lucky.

The application is that the sum of the 4 numbers of the registration number should be equal to 9 or the lucky number, as the case may be.

Example: Suppose the registration number is KA HG 4122, then the sum of the 4 digits is 4+1+2+2= 9.

If you pay attention, you will note that registrations with fancy numbers like 9999, 3303, 2799, etc have sold faster than the regular numbers, as they add up to 9. Oftentimes, luxury cars too will have registration number adding up to 9 or a lucky number.

The importance is exemplified by the fact that car buyers are paying three times the registration fee at RTO for getting particular number

The day of delivery

After finalizing on the car and registration number, we need to decide on the day on which delivery needs to be taken. This is astrologically significant. Many people will even postpone taking delivery of the car by 15 days or so, to find an auspicious day.

In most dealerships, the delivery of cars are almost nil during the first half of December, which is the first half of Dhanur Masa in Hindu calendar. During the month of Ashada, which is going on now, also the delivery of cars is very less, as it is considered inauspicious. During the subsequent month of Shravan and onwards, the delivery of cars shoots up like anything. That surely proves the people’s belief in the importance of day in taking delivery of a vehicle

Once the month is chosen, the specific day depends on the moon’s position. The indicative days are as below:

  • Good: up to 5 days before and after full moon day
  • Average: 6 to 10 days before and after full moon day
  • Not good: 11 to 15 days after full moon day
Time of delivery

After scheduling the day for taking delivery, the time of delivery becomes a very relevant point. As a general rule, avoid taking delivery of the new vehicle during Rahu kala, which is a daily occurring period of about one and half hour duration.

Day Rahu Kala
Sunday 04.30 PM to 06.00PM
Monday 07.30 AM to 09.00 AM
Tuesday 03.00 PM to 04.30 PM
Wednesday 12.00 PM to 01.30 PM
Thursday 01.30 PM to 03.00 PM
Friday 10.30 AM to 12.00 PM
Saturday 09.00 AM to 10.30 AM

The Table above shows the chart of Rahu Kala on each day. The timing mentioned is according to Indian standard time and can vary by few minutes on particular days and particular place.

As long as you take delivery in any other time, it should be fine.

Car decoration - ornaments or idols

In almost all cars we can see small idols put on the dashboard. The suggested idol in a car is that of Lord Ganesh. The reason is that Lord Ganesh is the associated god for Ketu who in turn is the karaka of accidents or Mukti. Also, Vigneshwara is the lord for overcoming obstacles of life and hence universally preferred idol in any car.

This being said, ideally a Proper analysis has to be made for the horoscope of the respective person, before recommending an idol or for the kundali’s yoga.

The first Visit

After taking delivery of the car, it is a good idea to plan a visit to a temple to get blessings for the car. While any well known or established temple is good, usually, it is preferred to have the pooja done at a Hanuman or Ganesh temple.


Astrology plays a very important role in the car business. Whether it may be for booking and taking delivery of a new caror finalizing the deal of a used car, it is an important factor The above is a brief overview of important factors, which we understand will be relevant only for the believers.

For any specific questions, please do post your question and we will be happy to help you.

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