CarTrade Authors


The News team consists of auto fanciers who are literate in automobile engineering & journalism; passion for cars rein their minds and hearts. These experienced industry professionals cover everything on current auto market conditions and trends, jointly contributing unique, recent and the most relevant news assuring timeliness.

  • Aditya Chatterjee
    Aditya Chatterjee Engineer by Qualification and Gear-head by brains, Aditya Chatterjee claims to live for automobiles. He fascinates British classic cars and is obsessed with the '64 Aston Martin DB5. More
  • Nikhil Puthran
    Nikhil Puthran Nikhil has been reporting on cars for over six years. He might have a keen eye for news but he has a soft corner for German cars, both old and new. Nikhil also enjoys a good drive or ride after a hectic day at work. More
  • Roger Dsouza
    Roger Dsouza This auto enthusiast is all about cars, bikes and their performance on Indian roads. Roger is a skilled writer with sharpness in his creativity to present his views on a given subject from all angles. He loves traveling, photography and writing for the automobile industry. More
  • Shiva Shankar
    Shiva Shankar Shiva Shankar has graduated in automobile engineering and has wide experiences in all departments of automobile sales and services, teaching and auto journalism. More
  • Eliza Lobo
    Eliza Lobo Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media Eliza loves to write genuine opinion about cars. She looks into the latest trends in automobile industry and sees through that it is updated on social media platform. More
  • Rachit Hirani
    Rachit Hirani Rachit has been an automotive journalist and host with some of the most reputed names in online and offline automotive media. From mean machines to everyday work horses, Rachit brings in his perspective of cars and bikes from across the globe. He also hosts our YouTube channel. More
  • Desirazu Venkat
    Desirazu Venkat Venkat is one of the larger members of our team but his enthusiasm for vehicles both four-wheeled and two-wheeled is as big as him. A big foodie, he loves to cook up a storm both in the kitchen and on the website but also cracks terribl(y) intelligent and sometimes inappropriate jokes. More
  • Santosh Nair
    Santosh Nair Writer, journalist and car tester, Santosh is part of the core car evaluation / testing team at CarWale. Easily the most soft spoken, he is disciplined and has a trick or two on how to get two-strokes working in top order. He loves having his share of fun as well. More
  • Abhishek Nigam
    Abhishek Nigam Abhishek is a true blue motoring enthusiast and loves his set of wheels, be it two or four. He is responsible for news and features at CarWale thanks to his keen nose for news and creativity around dreaming up features. He is also an avid biker and a major scale model buff. More
  • Pratheek Kunder
    Pratheek Kunder Pratheek is the go-to-guy at BikeWale when it comes to planning and execution of reviews and comparisons. A big fan of adventure motorcycles, he loves riding the Impulse on forest trails and then flooding social media with pictures and videos. He also keeps track of the happenings in the biking industry. More
  • Ranjan R Bhat
    Ranjan R Bhat Ranjan loves both cars and motorcycles, but given a choice he’d settle for old-school machines any day. He is an avid tourer who is always looking for ways to get on a bike and explore new places. At Bikewale, Ranjan is tasked with delivering news and out-of-the-box reviews. More
  • Vikrant Singh
    Vikrant Singh Vikrant is responsible for content creation and delivery at CarWale, BikeWale and CarTrade. He has been a motoring journalist for nearly a decade and a half and in that time has worked with some of the largest automobile magazines. Now though, he is completely dedicated to the new-age digital world. More
  • Omkar Thakur
    Omkar Thakur A motorhead who loves technology and the quirky, Omkar is a jack of many trades. He reports on industry happenings, delivers car reviews and also looks into a crystal ball to reveal what new models are heading our way. He also claims to be a car trivia solver, something we haven’t yet tested. More
  • Ninad Ambre
    Ninad Ambre Part of the car testing and evaluation team, Ninad is tasked with getting consistent and repeatable real world fuel economy figures for all our test cars. But, it doesn’t end there because he is on the ball even when it comes to car reviews and news. And yes, he loves motorcycles too. More
  • Firoze Irani
    Firoze Irani A ‘90s kid who learnt driving in a `40s Morris Minor, Firoze has restored a ‘62 Lambretta and a ‘72 Jawa from the grounds up as well. He has taken this passion for two wheels and turned it into a fulltime job. He now reports on news, reviews and innovative features at BikeWale. More
  • Sagar Bhanushali
    Sagar Bhanushali A car guy and lover of all things with a turbocharger, Sagar has managed to combine his love of journalism with automobiles. At CarWale, Sagar covers daily news as well as features and reviews. On most weekends, he tends to spend time fixing things on his beloved Type 2 City. More
  • Ameya Dandekar
    Ameya Dandekar Ameya, who has been a motoring journalist for nearly a decade, is in charge of car evaluation and testing at CarWale. He is a stickler for details. And along with his experience and energy, he does a great job in helping deliver the most in-depth and comprehensive car reviews in the industry. More
  • Bilal Firfiray
    Bilal Firfiray Bilal is the youngest member in the team. And having grown up on a healthy diet of car magazines, he knows more than a thing or two about cars. He also enjoys motorcycling, but is currently tasked with keeping CarWale readers up-to-date with current, relevant and insightful news articles. More
  • CarTrade Editorial Team
    CarTrade Editorial Team CarTrade Editorial Team are experienced auto professionals who come together and contribute to unique news. They also bring together comparisons and car reviews which will help in making the most informed car buying decision. More