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      Audi TT 2007

      Satish Kalepu

      Satish Kalepu


      Audi TT

      The very sight of a sports car is enchanting and a ride in is thrilling. If clarity were to be added to this with the latest in progressive technology, the car would indeed become a valuable possession, and a priceless one.

      This could be the idea uppermost in the mind of the German car maker. Their latest brand, the Audi TT Roadster combines the features desired above. It caters to the individual demands of dynamism, safety and comfort. It has the appearance of sports car, cute, compact and attractive. Yet it is designed in such a way that it is no less when compared with other cars that are seen on the road.

      Audi TT is equipped in the several technical niceties that are reflected in the various models that are to be launched in the immediate future. The version Audi A6 is an executive class salon. The interior equipment is exclusive in its appeal. Windows have a low-slung look. The roofline is like a coupe, which adds to its elegance.

      The main headlights, which are ellipsoid, as also the fog lights, are distinct from a distance. The various comforts and safety features include automatic wash pipe, door trims in chrome- free tanned leather. The doors can be locked and opened fingertip. The driver's side is spherical. There is a knee-bolster, leather package with moccasin seam, anti-buffet screen glass. The body is fully galvanized. There is anti-locking braking system, characterized by electronic differential lock, the chassis has the semblance of the sports car, springs are stiff and shock absorbers are in place. The child seat mounting is appropriate, as also the traction control system.

      The elegance of the design is enhanced by the set up that is meant to provide infotainment. The chrome radio with CD player is equipped with a 12 station memory and the feature of CD navigation, BOSE surround sound. The icing on the cake would of course be a mobile phone arrangement having Bluetooth interface. Nothing further needs to be contained in the unit that is mobile and self-contained.

      Another remarkable feature of the Audi TT version is the high resolution interior viewing facility wherein the interior of the Audi TT coupe has been taken care of to the last detail. The navigation through the interior of the car becomes possible with the just click of a mouse. Just think of a sports car having all these specialties.

      The technical aspects of the car complement the ones described above. The experience of driving such a car could be personal, varying from person to person, yet the engineering aspect needs to be mentioned. Nothing could be more fascinating than a combination of high- performance engines, innovative transmission and sporty sustenance. The damper system that is adaptive to varying conditions to suit driving is conducive to handling and road holding. This greatly enhances and improves its functioning.

      The feeling a person gets while driving is heavenly, as if riding on a magnetic strip. The aspect of safety is taken care of by the body of the vehicle, which is an innovative combination of aluminum and steel, to bring in directional stability. What makes driving a pleasure is the ability to change gears. The dual-clutch gear box ensures that flow & power from the engine is not noticeably interrupted. Further, it can be operated at shift paddles on the steering wheel or by using the gear lever. By coming out with a four-wheel drive power distribution the front and the rear wheels in an efficient way, traction, propulsion and safety is enhanced for all situations. The new Audi TT engine is high – revving and is fuel efficient in delivering. This fortifies the claim of the Volkswagen group, as regards dynamism, safety and comfort in the brand in question.

      Through skilful marketing preceded by building and sustenance of awareness and brand image, backed by an energetic and dynamic product line, Audi aims to set up an efficient infrastructure involving an experienced dealer network. Sales of world class and after sales service would be the trademark.

      By virtue of it being part of the Volkswagen group that is planning to set up a plant in Pune, Audi could possibly be working on an assembly line; the car would be driven by petrol and diesel engines. The two versions would have their respective price tags with an appreciable gap between them. What is to be marveled at, is the ability to accelerate to the top speed of 153 mph and come to a grinding halt in just 6 seconds. The increasing revolutions have their own effect but not as to lose the punch at any cost. It gets a bit coarse to cross the red line at 6300 revolutions per minute. However, the user would not get affected by these features.

      The new Audi TT is all set to come to India in mid July this year. New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore will have their streets traversed by all new Audi TT. With rise in the penchant for luxury car, as reflected in the patronage becoming trebled in the last five years, India is poised to be Asia's fourth biggest market. Audi, with its quality, design and drivability, is receptive to the appreciative response and shows rich promise to be seen on the Indian roads for a considerable length of time.

      The German road invasion would not be shied by Indians, rather it would be welcomed. A car that is sporty yet luxurious is what Volkswagen has offered. Although the road to dominance could be long, the potential and prospects that Indian markets offer are rich and considerable. The price of Rs. 58 lakhs for the petrol driven car and Rs. 40 lakhs for the diesel driven one would pose no deterrent for the Indian buyer.

      With safely, speed sophistication and stability, Audi TT would not be found wanting in the audience that is targeted.

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