Dear Sir I have got 2 engines as under 1

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Dear Sir,

I have got 2 engines as under:

1. Maximum power : 118 ps @ 6600 rpm
Torque : 146 Nm @ 4800 rpm

2. Maximum power : 68 ps @ 4000 rpm
Torque : 16.3kgm @ 2000 rpm

Please let me know as to how to read these enteries and as to which is a better engine and why ?

Irfan Bandukwala
  • 3971 day(s) ago by IRFAN BANDUKWALA
Under:   #Engine-related
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Considering conversion factor of 1 NM = 1Kg-M*9.80, 16.3 Kg-M equals app 160 NM.

First engine power delivers power of 118@6600 rpm and second delivers 68PS@4000 RPM.Also torque developed in second is higher and at much lesser RPM .

To select one, First engine has better combination of higher power and considerble torque and hence makes better selection.

Posted: 3971 day(s) ago

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