presently i having chevy spark since 2009 and i am not

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presently i having chevy spark since 2009 and i am not happy with average it is giving in city with ac on very low (8kmpl) compare to other 1200cc small segments car . It is very disappointed to drive this car with very low average. waiting for your comments
  • 3980 day(s) ago by Rajesh Sippy
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hello, i do hav spark LT and if u r getting less milage thn go to workshop for check-up, they can check wats wrong, i got more thn 12 wid ac in city drive and on highways its 18+,one more thing, try to change the filling station as well..chevy is gud car i think after checkup u will smile.

Posted: 3979 day(s) ago

Dr Pathy K V
i have a chev spark of 2009 giving an average of 11-12 in city and around 13+ in long run.may be slightly less with a/c on.please get it examined by the GM workshop guys and i am sure they would do sanjeev has suggested do try and change your petrol supplier as many bunks do fraudulent not lose heart it is a solid gun from the GM like opel corsa.after driving this car for 1 year i purchased a opel corsa 2004 and i am happy with both.

Posted: 3979 day(s) ago

With Spark expected mileage is around 15KMPL. The mileage you are getting at around 8KMPL is very less and there needs thorough inspection to be done in fuel supply system.Probably a malfunctioning fuel pump could be the cause.

Posted: 3979 day(s) ago

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