I am getting one Palio adventure sports 19 D diesel for

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I am getting one Palio adventure sports 19.D (diesel)for 1.1 lacs. The car milage is 60K. How would be the maintainance cost, Milage and overall experience. I am based in delhi. What kind of expenditure I have to spend on the car if I buy it?
  • 4575 day(s) ago by Sharbendu
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Palio Adventure 1.9D is a diesel car, 60 k is normal kilometer,any used car will intially cost you approx 12 to 15 k in maintaiance and routine service completely then it wil be fine car to drive it for 2 yrs

Posted: 4575 day(s) ago

Stay away from this car. Although the big diesel might attract you on paper, keep in mind that this will demand extremely high maintenance. Also, the fit and finish of all Fiat cars, manufactured in India, is below par. That means you will have more problems with Rust etc. I agree with both Randy and Sutherland's comments about maintenance cost etc. Stay away from this car. Ask the seller if he is willing to sell for 60K - 70K. In that case, you may buy it, and spend the rest of your money in maintaining it.

Posted: 4574 day(s) ago

per month maintenance will be 4-5k, same for old BMWs 3- series.
this is a totally screwed up piece of junk...

Posted: 4574 day(s) ago

B Senthil Kumar
Completely contrary to the opinions voiced above warning you against the build quality of Fiat cars, the Palio is an excellent car, that feels solid on the road, and has enough space to keep 4 adults comfortable on lengthy drives. The big diesel is not particularly heavy on maintenance. There is plenty of torque and the engine is never strained. If you take care of the mandatory oil changes and such, you should find this a fine machine to own and enjoy. You are getting a good price and the mileage is fair too. To top all this logic, drive the car. If you get a good feeling driving this car, buy it. This is not a marriage. It is a bloody car. There is no perfection in either. Atleast you can have some fun while you drive this car!

Posted: 4574 day(s) ago

You are lucky to find 1.9D Adventure... these are rear as most of the adventures I have come across are Petrol.

I WOULD LOVE TO BUY ONE FOR THAT PRICE. I had Palio S10 for sometime and enjoyed it...

SO I can say bought it - experienced it- loved it.

Many things on Adventure are imported and not locally manufactured so you can expect the quality.

One thing very important! Regardless of the overall condition of the Adventure, Please get the ECU unit checked for errors at a FIAT SERVICE CENTER (Which are run by TATA now)
If this is perfect then it is a blind pick up for that price coz its DESIEL not petrol.

Following this I agree with B Senthil Kumar's comment.

I hope my comment will also be useful.

Posted: 4574 day(s) ago


You are getting a very good deal and no body can predict about machinery and electronics and women. Dude you must ensure one thing that Fiat have a very good history in India and if you live in Mumbai than you must know that still in 21st Century you can see Fiat running perfectly by Taxi Drivers and many parsi uncles.

FIAT... is Italian and Italian cars are best in world... FERRARI is legend.

Don't listen some of crap sent by some fools. Fiat is rock solid car and still running around the Globe.
All Maruti Suzukis, Mitsubshi's, Honda's and Hyundai's are not the best neither Excellents.

1.1lac is an superb deal... if you are not buying ... i will buy, sent me the address of car sell at - pradpitt80@yahoo.com

Posted: 4573 day(s) ago

Dudes, I am really gratefull to u all for such valuable comment, irrespective of good and bad. I fully go with Pradeep, hyder and Senthil, cars and women are never predictable, U gotta take a chance. But regarding the errors in ECU unit, cud Hyder specify what to check for 'cause the Jack asses at TATA service centeres never understand unless you specify it to the point. Pls give some more info.
For everybody's knowledge, I bought a TATA Sierra Turbo 98 model in 2001, which was 73K at the time of buying. I sold it of in 2005 at 1.5K, no work on engine and the car used to give 15kpl in DElh with AC on. The buyer could not believe it unless I took him for a drive and then he did not even blinked before paying me.
Thanks to all once again

Posted: 4573 day(s) ago

just stay away from palio - no parts, no support, no service what r u thinking??? just to keep it outside ur house?

Posted: 4573 day(s) ago

Hi Sharbendu,

Well ECU errors are not specifically known unless you are in seat of the Fiat foremen... Well what I would suggest is if u are uncomfy with TATA guys then take it to a still functioning FIAT center... u should be able to find one around. Over there specify that you intend to buy this Adventure and request for a thorough checkup... They might charge you an amount b/w Rs. 500.00 - Rs. 1000.00, and they will connect a computer to the ECU unit and check for any malfunctions, following which they would lift the vehicle to check the under chasis condition of the vehicle and also test drive it. Also, they will give you a print report of the checkup.

Why don't you check the manual of the car where it was maintained initially and go to that address or call...
(Do not worry about the mechanics over there being bias, Usually they should not as you would be the future owner ;) and give them business.

Well best of luck...

Posted: 4573 day(s) ago

Dude, stay away from it. Thats not a good diesel engine. 60k mileage means its almost near the end of its first life before u have to rebuild. I suggest u look at something else.

Posted: 4551 day(s) ago

we can buy it for such price...

Posted: 4551 day(s) ago

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