What is use of ABS Does it really required on city road

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What is use of ABS?Does it really required on city road?
  • 3988 day(s) ago by Ravi
Under: Tata Manza #Cars
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ABS stands for Anti lock Braking System.
Its avery useful feature as it prevents your cars tyre's from locking up nad eventually skidding off during emergency / panic braking at speed.

The Brake pads gets pulses from mastercylinder and under severe braking the pads gets in contact with the Disk on pulses thus avoid locking.
ABS improves the Efficiency of braking system of car and same models with ABS will stop in shorted distance rather the one with out ABS.

With the kind of High speeds cars of this day are capable of its very important active safety feature.

you can brake with full force and stand on the brakes late the car will not lock up or change direction

You can keep steering under your control with an ABS as the wheels dont lock up.

Though an expensive add on to your car it is defenitely worth the extra cost.

Posted: 3988 day(s) ago

am gooing to book Tata Vista safire + 1.2 euro IV, is there any chance of misleading delivery to give me euro III...instead of euroIV..am really worried ,kindly help me to know that my booked car is as per euro IV norm,

Posted: 3984 day(s) ago

ABS though not compulsary, adds to the safety of the car while driving at high speeds and in skiddy road conditions.

Posted: 3983 day(s) ago

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