Pl suggest me the vendor in pune nasik mumbai for the

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Pl.suggest me the vendor in pune/nasik/mumbai for the 'front windshield glass' for Ford Escort.Is there any other option but to change windshield for the problem of glare? I am facing the problem of light glare during night due to head lights of other vehicles passing. Pl. suggest.

  • 4400 day(s) ago by Sunil
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B S Kumar
Unless your windshield has been subjected to something unusual, changing it will not solve your problem. If you are really keen on solving this problem, do you have this glare issue from all parts of the windshield? Park your car on the side of a road and try to see if all parts of the windshield provide a similar amount of glare. If they do, it may not be a windshield problem that will go away with a new windshield.

Posted: 4398 day(s) ago

the only option available is to change the windscreen , i do not want to commment on why and what and parking the car to do experiments i generally do not beleive in experimenting but from practical experience in the past i ve leant that changing the wind screen helps .generally on a laminated windscreen scratches appear in due course of time and there is no other practical solution except changing the windscreen.

Posted: 4398 day(s) ago

u can opt for a antli glare coating done.. it`s cheap too.. but ask a mechanic.. check your wiper blades too.. their is a thin layer of laminated plastic sheet on the windshield.. i`m not sure if u`l get that for ford escort but changing that would be suffient.. why don u ask the ford service centre? but mind u they charge a fortune.

Posted: 4398 day(s) ago

Glaring effect due to other vehicles can be reduced with usage of thinfilm sunfilm coating. If its not effective the otherway is to get the same replaced. For replacing the Wind shield leave the car in any of multibrand service center.They wil take care of getting the spares.

Posted: 4398 day(s) ago

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