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Dear Sir,
Good Morning. I have few questions on selection of my new Car. My usage will be around 1000 km per month and twice or thrice in a year I will go to Kolkata from Varanasi ( around 1500 km up & down ). My budget is Rs.4.50 - 5.00 Lakh on road. My choice is New Wagon R. i10, Indigi CS TDI etc. Some of friend says Diesel car need more maintenance cost but I dont know. Kindly give answers of my following questions;
1. Whether should I go for diesel or Petrol car.
2. Few car's rpm is 5500 and other is 6200 what does it maean and whether it is effectinfg on car performance or life of car.
3. I need fully loaded car that is music system,4 power window, good boot space , good mileage.

Kindly advise which car should I buy and which Co. Maruti, Hyundai or Tata.

I am waiting for your valued response, after getting your response I will buy my car.

Kind regards

  • 3995 day(s) ago by SUKANTA MISHRA
Under: Maruti Wagon R #Cars
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For the requirments and availability in the budget range.New Wagon R would be an ideal selection for its updated engine, interiors,service network. At present Diesel sedan would cost around 5.5 lac onwards.The RPM indicates the highest power developed at the max RPM mentioned,The acceleration of vehicle would be relative to that.Recommended to test drive Wagon R. If the budget range can be increased further then New Indigo eCS petrol would be the best selection.

Posted: 3995 day(s) ago

hi frnd,

1. your yearly running will be 15- 20,000kms so go for a dieselcar.

2. power(hp)/torque(nm)@rpm is given for every vehicle u r confused on that right?
more power/torque @ lower rpms means better city drives. If u get more power at lower acceleration drive will be more comfortable, less gear change in city( eg. the fiat punto does better than swift in city drive mainly in 2nd and 3rd gears whch is mostly used in city drives) look at that when u go for diesel..

3. your budget is 4.5 to 5 lakhs the vehicles u shortlisted are wr,i1o,indigocs.. in whch the new indigocs is the best option..
but fr the diesel u have to strech an extra 50k...
i can suggest two more cars in ur budget..

one is the fordfigo, cos its fully packed and engine is reliable...
and the spareparts cost is slashed by the company(which is also a concern),fresh looks also..
service is concern..
another is the FIAT Punto MJD, comes in ur budget(its having a 50000offer), good engine and italian design,comfortable drive in city,good mileage and boot space.. good to be owned..
only concern is resale value

take test drives for both cars


Posted: 3994 day(s) ago

Jagjit Singh
My suggestion is go for Tata Vista Quadrjet as per your Budget, its a pleasure Driving car, really worth. Vista is Rich in Feature, Comfort, Style, Power & Speed, with low Price Tag. Cant provide U the details due to lack of time, but I am assuring U will be satisfied with the performance of the said car which will surprise U. As per your Budget its really worth. BEST OF LUCK.

Posted: 3994 day(s) ago

go for vista, don buy wagon R it`s mileage is dreadful and if you put AC you are done.

Posted: 3994 day(s) ago

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