please clearly explain the terms brake horse

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please clearly explain the terms brake horse power,torue,speed
  • 4753 day(s) ago by Karthikeyan
Under: Hyundai i30 #Cars
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Clement Joseph
The actual horsepower of an engine, measured by a brake attached to the drive shaft and recorded on a dynamometer is BRAKE HORSE POWER(BHP).

Moment of force is called TORQUE.

Rate at which something travels is called SPEED.

Posted: 4753 day(s) ago

Horse power or Brake horse power expressed in BHP or KW or PS is the power available at end of the crankshaft. Torque is the twisting power available at end of crankshaft.Speed in RPM is the rotations per minute at which relevent power or torque is develpoed. Vehicle speed in KMPH is the speed with which the car moves per hour

Posted: 4752 day(s) ago

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