Hi I own a Yamaha Rx 100 its is good in condition I want

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Hi I own a Yamaha Rx-100, its is good in condition & I want to increase its top speed of my bike. Although I am able to touch 110Kmph still I need to increase the speed. Can anyone suggest me how can I increase the speed? My mechanic suggested me to change gear box to Yamaha 5 speed Gear Box.
But he is not sure weather we can fix that in RX-100 model.
If any other Gear box can be fixed to RX-100 then please let me know. And also what you experts suggest me?
  • 4583 day(s) ago by Prashanth
Under: Yamaha RX #Bikes
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Ansh Tyagi
sirji me also own yamaha rx-100. if u will change ur gear box u will loose ur this speed also...try to maintain the ring pistons and go to a good mechanic shop not to a fool one..!!!

Posted: 4582 day(s) ago

Do this at your own risk!!!.....

Try an engine rebore or try porting it... It increases the engine capacity from 100 cc to max about 175cc[safety limit].. Get new sprockets and install K&n air filters....

Posted: 4580 day(s) ago

Basenth Mathew Thomas
Hello Mate..

I truly understand your passion for speed..but it should be fiarly a safe play also..the 110 of Yamaha is fairly awesome..you can go upto 120 by reducig the weight by couple of kilos..
remove the metalic components such as headlight and stuff like that..
but i strongly reccomend not to do that..
cos the design is not good such sppeds honestly as it lighter than other bikes..please choose an RD 350 for this endavor cos it more viable for 130+..rd 350 HT 6 spped can satisfy you..

Posted: 4575 day(s) ago

110KMPH is top speed for RX100 .and its good enough high speed considering conditions of roads and traffic. We recomend you to not go for investing in trying to increase top speed.

Posted: 4554 day(s) ago

go went gone onRXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX100

Posted: 4554 day(s) ago

Royal Enfield
considering the indian road conditions and the weight of a yamaha rx 100 , 110 is considerabely a great speed but nevertheless if u wanna improve the bikes performance and the top speed .i would first request you to change the bikes stock xhaust to a after market like 1 of proton or krp having and xpansion chamber... easily avalible in the market . secondly u can upgrade its stock carbureator to a 42 mm mikuni or stageb carbureator ... it vl increase ur bike 's speed a lot ... stil if u opt for going to do modifications on ur engire u can port the engine from a expirence mechanic and install a after market airfilter like k$n ..

Posted: 3656 day(s) ago

i would suggest u hw to increase speed of ur rx......u just need to littl tune the piston TDC adjustment nd value timing by tuning d camshaft.....i recommend u nt to change manifold at any cost...

Posted: 3485 day(s) ago

mine option is to do porting to ur engine i have rx 100 mine top speed is 163 till now and i have installed imported pistons of 0.1 and installed chamber silencer and done porting also

Posted: 3337 day(s) ago

Hi Mr. Vignesh.
Can we please know where have you done the porting of your Rx-100 and how much did it cost for porting as well as pistons and chamber

Posted: 1191 day(s) ago

Hi Mr. Vignesh.
Can we please know where have you done the porting of your Rx-100 and how much did it cost for porting as well as pistons and chamber

Posted: 1191 day(s) ago

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