is the NGK iridium sparkplug suited for an apache RTR180

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is the NGK iridium sparkplug suited for an apache RTR180 ??
  • 4015 day(s) ago by Harsh
Under: TVS Motor Apache RTR 160 #Bikes
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B S Kumar
Find the exact specification matched NGK Iridium plug from the TVS service station and you are good to go! IF the TVS service station does not give you the matching NGK number, go to the NGK dealer with your current spark plug spec. and find the matching NGK plug number. If no match is found, that means NGK doesn't make a plug suitable for your RTR180.

Posted: 4015 day(s) ago

You can get the NGK spark plug from spares dealer check if the size is sutable for RTR and put the same.

Posted: 4015 day(s) ago

TVS bikes have twin electrode spark plugs,and no manufacturer produces Iridium spark plugs with twin electrodes so far. if you install a single electrode spark plug in your RTR 180,it will REDUCE the performance of the bike significantly rather than increasing it(I checked it myself). please stick to your OEM spark plug and clean it regularly. you might change the spark plug wire to an upgraded low resistance one, but the benefits will still be marginal.

Posted: 3619 day(s) ago

ngk doesnt have any spark plug going with rtr perfectly...ur engine would heat up at higher and longer speeds.stick with the stock plugs...they are really good.

Posted: 3614 day(s) ago

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