I have a family of 3 people with 1 small daughter We are

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I have a family of 3 people with 1 small daughter. We are planning a car for:
1) Weekend traveling for the family together
2) Have a driver who can take my daughter & mother to the park, etc on daily routine.
3) Travel to the office which is less than half a km from home. My wife (recently started driving) found the ease of driving esp. smoothness very good.

We had almost decided on the Chevy Spark b'cos:
1) Very good drive quality esp. in city b'cos of its gear ratios.
2) Good seating space & comfort amongst its competitors.

But are scared b'cos well wishers are saying that it is a bad option b'cos:
1) Poor resell value. We don't really plan to resell the car soon. I can see myself using the car for atleast 5-7 years.
2) Parent company in US is already in problem & can close down in future in India.

The other options that we evaluated are:
1) New Wagon R: Felt that the pick up was very poor & didn't feel that giving extra money for it is a good idea if pick-up is poor. (Company person said that since it is demo car the rpm is fixed & hence pick up in demo car is poor. Is it true?)
2) Hyundai i10 has very poor sitting space

We are planing to also evaluate Tata cars like: Indica vista, Indigo CS.

What do you suggest?
  • 4007 day(s) ago by Gaurav
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Considering budget is not a constraint. New Tata Indica Vista would be the right selection for its updated features,interior space, power and build quality.Recommended to test drive the same.

Posted: 4006 day(s) ago

Just go for it blindly and U will never repent for maling the wrong choice.

Posted: 4002 day(s) ago

spark will be a good buy, resale will make no difference after seven years for any of the cars mentioned. The parent company has repaid all the loans to the government, and the financial problem is history now.

Chevy is among the best in the segment. Other cars are good competitors though.

Posted: 3996 day(s) ago

spark is well worth if you are planning a long term buy.. no value will go down.. don even worry abt it. milage is also not that bad.. and chevy is no goiong no where they were abt to be busted but GM has been saved by the govt so no worries and spark sales is good in india and there is a good chance that seconds value at that time will be high.

Posted: 3996 day(s) ago

Tharun Venkat
Optra Magnum

In my opinion you should re-visit your choice & budget. Having a family means doing shopping errands, luggage space etc.... having a family means you will need a boot Space.
Sometimes I find my 450- 500ltr boot in sufficient making me consider buying a SUV.

Go for a Sedan or u "WILL REGRET" your choice doesn't matter which small car you go for.
See if you could raise some funds for a Sedan (a car with a boot) and see if you could afford Ford Ikon or a Hyundai Accent.(Lowest Priced Sedan)
Or A Logan / Indigo by paying slightly even more (good milage + less maintenance)

Posted: 3985 day(s) ago

1. Wagon R (K series)
2. i10
3. Vista

1. Logan
2. Accent

Posted: 3985 day(s) ago

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