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Dear Experts,

I was continuesly reading your articles and find them quite interesting and useful,in the same regard I got a doubt..recently came across Polo advertisements and they claim 17kmpl for petrol and 22 kmpl for diesel...My very big doubt here is they all are *UNDER TESTED CONDITIONS*..but while reading many blogs I came across people using polo that they hardly get 8.9 kmpl for petrol..What surprises me a lot is how can they so easily publicize and go away with out any an end user/customer until we buy the vehicle we may not know major pro's and con' if one drives at ideal conditions and still not able to get atleast 80% of company claimed mileage..whom should they there any body/committee to address ,monitor and solve such problems

Kindly help.I am eager to buy a polo but very scared that it is new entrant in India and is it value for money..

Any body reading this article please post your comments
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This is true fact, at ideal test conditions, the vehicle is loaded least and with one driver and driven in highest gear to achieve maximum mileage. In reality this is practically impossible to achieve.For polo petrol decent mileage is around 12kmpl and less than that is surprising for city.Salesman themself tell that 14kmpl can be achieved in city, this is false.As of now i do not if anyone has tried to act on these car giants for bogus claims.I have a i20 petrol purchased very recently and it gives decent 11kmpl in city before first service.Polo actually has better performing german engine for petrol and it is not surprising if it gives 12kmpl in city.It may be driving habits due to which such low mileage has come.I am not sure.But please go ahead with polo, it is a good value buy for comfortline model other basic and highline are not attractively priced in petrol.

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The factory testing conditions will be much better than the regular city traffic conditions. While testing manufacturer try to use all methods to get best of mileage. Like driven by experts,good road condition, minimum load etc and henc acheive best of mileage. In actual practice the situation differes due to verying road conditions and traffic conditoins etc.Hence difference of 2 to 3 kmpl can be expected. If there is drastic difference then the vehicle has to be inspected to find fault.
While selection importance is to be given for the style,build quality,reliability, features including mileage. If the vehicle overall performance is great then there is nothing wrong in compromising for one or two KMPL.
Polo will be a good selection for its overall features and other parameters.

Posted: 4760 day(s) ago

Hey Shiva & Ram..thanks for your valuable have been close to clearing my doubts..if you have some more updates keep posting..btw..Ram your profile it shows you are owner of polo but you mentioned you bough i20 you have both of them.!!


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