Dear Sir I raised this question a few months back about

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Dear Sir,
I raised this question a few months back about my Santro Xing erlx 2006 model, hope you remembering my complaint regarding the A/C worn out pully.
I replaced that pully with a original one. But the complaint of lack of pulling especially when switch on the A/C is still continuing. Now the technician told me that it is due to the problem of sproket fitted in the crank, because it is loose and now fitted with some metal pieces to make it tight, as such it will affect the sensor in connect with it. they suggest to replace the crank.
Is is possible to rectify the problem without changing crank, I mean by reducing the dia of sproket like that. Because the crank replacement will cost around Rs.15000/-. kindly give a cost effective remedy.

with regards
anu cajetan
  • 4009 day(s) ago by Anu Cajetan
Under: Hyundai Santro #Cars
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Boss, sell off the car and get peace of mind !

Posted: 4009 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
It does appear from what you have stated that your engine is fundamentally not developing enough power. If your engine develops enough power, it will not hesitate to carry the extra load of the AC. Your pulley problem suggests that there was an inefficient transfer of power to the AC, but that being solved now, it is clear that your engine not being able to pull is a separate problem, and there could be a lot of reasons for it. Putting random "metal pieces" to hold your engine together doesn't seem like the job of a professional at work. At some point, you will have to get to the bottom of the problem - your engine. YOU decide whether the investment is worth it.

Posted: 4009 day(s) ago

Sanjay Gupta
Hi Anu,
This problem may occur due to a number of reasons.
a) Engine is not generating enough power.
b) Misalignment/loose fitting.
This "Sprocket fitted in crank" problem I could not understand. But as a Mech. Engineer I can advise you 2 things:
Fitting of metal pieces to make it tight is a bad solution as it will be misaligned and unbalanced and may damage the equipment.
As regards rectifing the problem without changing crank, this can be done. The outer dia of crank and the internal dia of sprocket has to be measured properly, if the Outer Dia of crank is less it can be builtup (repaired) by welding and grinding and if the Internal Dia of sprocket is more than a bush can be fitted to recty the problem.

Posted: 4006 day(s) ago

The solution done by mechanic in putting metal piece is quite strange and would lead to problems of balenceing. We strongly recommed to visit other authorised service center.The crank shaft has to be replaced after thorough diagnoistics and valid reason.If problem is there with crank shaft then there is no other go without replaceing the Crankshaft.

Posted: 4005 day(s) ago

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