which version model OMNI of Maruthi is fuel effecient how

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which version/model OMNI of Maruthi is fuel effecient & how?
  • 4582 day(s) ago by Shankar
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All the omni vesrion has same fuel eficieny only you have a choice to opt fro dual fuel in case of cargo.

Posted: 4582 day(s) ago

The MPFI model Maruti Omni van (In the year 2000 MPFI engine option was introduced) is proved to be more fuel efficient due to better fuel burning technology which aids optimun utilisation and least wastage. The corburrator versions are less fuel efficient. You can consider "Duo" which runs on petrol as well as Gas- which costs less for economical use.

Posted: 4581 day(s) ago

Basenth Mathew Thomas
Hello Mate..

As Pirebhuoo said technically it will giive u better miles than the carb.. but do not expect a big differnce because the shape of the car is not aerodynamic..It is a Box..

Posted: 4581 day(s) ago

Jeez... you mean there is more than one model of this piece of crap? Dont buy it dude.

Posted: 4551 day(s) ago

i want a second hand Marathi omni..immidiatly

Posted: 1861 day(s) ago

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