I have a 4 month old Innova 1 from 1 4th full of

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I have a 4 month old Innova,

1. from 1/4th full of diesel, the car just does 50 kms to empty whereas the from full tank to 1/4th it does 500 KM. is there somthing wrong with the meter or this is the way it is

2. how much difference in mileage will ir make if i use double A/C v/s Single A/C

  • 4024 day(s) ago by Gurpreet
Under: Toyota Innova #Cars
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B S Kumar
Your Innova, if giving you overall good mileage, has no worries to present to you. The meter could just be calibrated a little oddly, or the level sensor in the tank needs to be adjusted. Calculate how much fuel should be in the tank when it indicates 1/4th full. If the sensor is at a different level, then you can get it easily reset to show a more accurate reading. Your fuel mileage will not be significantly affected between using one A/C vent or two, since there is only one A/C compressor working.

Posted: 4023 day(s) ago

The meter reads that way so you fill up before you actually run out of fuel. Even when the fuel guage is reading empty you'll have about 5 litres (if not more) in the car.
There is no difference in mileage if you use the front AC only or the Dual AC or at whatever blower speed (as already mentioned earlier, there is only one compressor)

Posted: 4023 day(s) ago

If the tank is 1/4 full there can be some evaporation of the fule due to hot sun as the fuel expands when hot and then evaporates from the fuel tank. If the tank is full there is no space for the fuel to expand and hence evaporation of fuel is less. Also do not park your innova in hot sun and find yourself some shady place to prevent fuel evaporation.

Posted: 4023 day(s) ago

The problem could be due to malfunctioning wirring of the Fuel gauge fitted on tank.Please get the same inspected.

Posted: 4022 day(s) ago

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