1 Does diesel cars have high maintainance cost as compared

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1. Does diesel cars have high maintainance cost as compared to petrol cars?
2. Which Diesel car would you suggestin the range of 5 lacs with maximum space inside and in the luggage area?
  • 4026 day(s) ago by Javed Kaderi
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Comparitively diesel engine maintenance cost would be higher than petrol engine due to higher cost of spares.However diesel engines can be used for regualr long runs and hence it wil lmake up for the cost involved.
In the budget range mentioend, Indigo CS would be an ideal selection for its spacious interiors,reliability.

Posted: 4026 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
The cost of ownership, which includes maintenance, is higher in a diesel car. A petrol car might feel expensive at the pump but can log a lot of kilometres of trouble free quiet smooth driving. The Logan is excellent value for money in your budget range - if you like the looks that is. It has a great engine, plenty of space and is well engineered. I would avoid Tata cars for many reasons.

Posted: 4025 day(s) ago

diesel, space, comfort. go for figo

Posted: 4025 day(s) ago

Go for diesel only if your annual mileage would be around 20000.

Following are excellent options in a price range around 5-6 lacs.
1. Logan : Excellent engine, space, fuel economy. Also a lot sturdy car. Resale will be low. If you can overlook it's look go for it.
2. Manza : True value for money.
3. Punto : Good looks, space, engine, fuel economy. Resale will be low.
4. Vista Quadrajet : Again excellent package.
5. Swift Desire : Good car with ugly looks.

Posted: 4025 day(s) ago

Indica Vista
Hey, in ur price range u can comfortably take the best car available nowadays, vista drivetech4! Like said above, its an excellent package. Great looks, powerful engine, smooth gearbox and a nice family car. Its available in both petrol n diesel variants. I have tried it and i like it very much!I hope u get the car of ur choice. :-) Take it for a TD and see. http://bit.ly/cjR3H3

Posted: 4025 day(s) ago

As advised by shankar the best choice in your budget would be indigo cs sedan or the vista drivetech hatchback,you can also try the logan after they have reduced the price ,since you want space the figo will not suit u otherwise its a very good car.as far as avoiding tata cars by certain people who cannot give a reason well who cares for an opinion without reason .personal likes and dislikes hardly make a difference in forming a non biased opinion

Posted: 4025 day(s) ago

Wagon R
I disagree with people who generalise and state that Tata cars are no good. A friend of mine has been using a tata indica petrol version for the last four years quite extensively.He has never complained about the car.

Posted: 4024 day(s) ago

Udalak Bhatt
Diesel engines have several advantages over other internal combustion engines:They burn less fuel than a petrol engine performing the same work, due to the engine's higher temperature of combustion and greater expansion ratio. Gasoline engines are typically 25 percent efficient while diesel engines can convert over 30 percent of the fuel energy into mechanical energy.They have no high-tension electrical ignition system to attend to, resulting in high reliability.SO if you want to use for long running time you can go for it. My choice is punto

Posted: 4024 day(s) ago

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