hi I hav a yamaha gladiator 2009 model It has been 3900

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I hav a yamaha gladiator(2009 model). It has been 3900 kms since using it & i hav to go for its 4th service. I hav been using yamalube engine oil(mineral). Now i hav decided to use the yamalube semi-synthetic. Would it create any problems in the engine?? And also my bike's recomended oil grade is 20w40 but the grading of the semi-synthetic is 15w50. Would the usage of a thicker oil create any problem in city conditions of bangalore?? If yes wat r the problems??
  • 4657 day(s) ago by Madhav
Under: Yamaha Gladiator #Engine-related
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Usage of semi synthetic oil will improve performanceof the engine. You can go for the same.

Posted: 4656 day(s) ago

use fully syn,oil mobile no. 1.20w40..only
15w50 is not usable ,50is a thicker oil in first 1000km u will feel some smooth and engine sound will be less . but after 1500 oil will too thick and supply to head will be some less and and flowness will down so u feel like a rough condition.. oil pump may be block 5000km range ..so use of 20w40 is good

Posted: 4653 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Yes, most certainly the wrong grade of ANY oil will cause problems. Synthetic oil just lasts longer, doesn't provide better lubrication or anything. You won't find any perceivable performance difference, but the oil does protect the engine for longer, since the molecules don't break down so easily.

Posted: 4642 day(s) ago

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