Recently I bought HH Hunk I am very new in bike riding I

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Recently I bought HH Hunk. I am very new in bike riding. I trust this site for honest suggestions. So please give me some advice for my bikes performance and my own safety. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.
  • 4781 day(s) ago by Russel
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Some of the tips for maintencne of bike and safety are as below
1.For the initial 500 to 1000 KM ride at average speed of around 50KMPL.By that time engine sets well and later you can ride at any speed
2.Switch off the ignition at traffic signals lasting ,more than 30 seconds
3. Follow the traffic rules for safe riding
4.Always remember roads are not race tracks and you have your own destiny toacheive and hence do not get carried away with other bikes zooming past.
5.Give the bike to service on regular period as prescribed in owners manual.
6. Do not go for removing of rear view mirrors for style.It does help a lot while taking turn to have clear viwe of vehicles comming behind.
7.Use of premium fuel and oil does improve performance of engine. However normal petrol is also good engough.If price not a constraint then go for premium petrol.
8. Last but not the least while giving for service take a note of works done and parts replaced.This will help a lot in knowing your bike and analysis of service given by mechanic.


Posted: 4781 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Congratulations on your new purchase, and welcome to the world of motorcycle riding. As always, practice makes perfect, and riding is no different.

1. To be sure of yourself and your bike, ride it for a fair distance on an open road, maintaining reasonable speeds, braking and turning and taking on a pillion rider - things you will normally do. This helps for developing muscle memory and will make you react automatically in a tough situation.

2. The speed of the bike is not important during the break in period. The speed of the engine is. Try not to raise the throttle too high for the first 1000 km. But don't continue to ride like that afterwards. From time to time, rev up and accelerate hard and put the bike through different heat ranges. This will prevent your engine from glazing and free it up for best performance.

3. Oil changes are usually mentioned in the owner's manual. Be sure to do those changes at the recommended intervals, but if you are doing a lot of stop/go riding, you could do the oil change, say about 400 km in advance, and if you are riding out in the open, top gear, long distance, then you can go about 300 km over the interval, no problem.

3. It is very important that you ride enough to get complete control over the bike. That will also mean that you cannot always ride at 40 km/hr and be safe. You should stretch out and ride at a speed you feel comfortable at, know how your bike feels under hard braking or hard acceleration, in curves, or when taking a heavy pillion. Do not be too soft on the bike, or you will never learn it in and out!

4. Be sure to wear a helmet, a full faced one from a good maker. Do not wipe the visor dry. Always use water or some liquid cleaner to clean it. Dry wiping will cause the visor to scratch and cause undesirable light diffusion, particularly at night.

5. Do not modify your bike in any way. The engineers have done their part, and at the most, you would be well advised to adjust and tune the bike to suit you, like handlebar angle, for example.

6. Using the recommended fuel type is perfect for your bike. No advantages of using a higher grade fuel. Engine oil, however, if you use synthetic oil, has a longer life since the molecules don't break down as easily. But if you're doing regular oil changes, no need to worry about this as well.

7. A word on cleaning your bike - Do not wipe any part dry. The dust will scratch the shine and make it dull. Always use water to wash off the bike and then wipe it dry with a clean soft cloth. Once in a while, you could use some wax to maintain the shine and protect the paint.

8. This is something not many riders remember to do - lubricate your chain every 1000 km or so. It will prevent heat build up and chain stretching. If you feel your chain a bit loose or lagging, get it to the right tension as soon as you can.

9. Please don't use high beam (usually when the blue light lights up in your dashboard) while it is not necessary. In city riding, it is definitely not needed.

10. Keep your tyres inflated to the right pressure. Over inflation will cause you to lose grip, and underinflation will make riding sluggish and you will lose fuel mileage.

11. Use both brakes while stopping, preferably the front more. That is why bikes have discs in the front!

12. In the long run, IF you are in a hot, dry area, wash your tyres fairly frequently, and use a compound to keep them supple and without cracks.

Cheers and happy riding!

Posted: 4780 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
My heartful thanks to Shiva Shankar B S Kumar for their invaluable suggestions. Definitely those tips will help me a lot. Best of luck to both of you. Take care.

Posted: 4780 day(s) ago

Davinder Yadav
Hero Honda
My heartful congraluation to rusell/ suggestion send by Shiva Sir/ B S Kumar for their valuable suggestions. all are writen main thing. dear rusell do not think too much and derive smooth avg speed 50kmph and avoid front disk on circle and high speed. overl all balance is too much controlable/tyre grip is very good in highway.
avoid fast rasing(for your familyhealth).
super bike and achive your target SLOW STEEDY WINS THE RASE.FARMULA.

Posted: 4780 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
One more point Russel - ride defensively. That is, expect and allow for other people to make mistakes, like turning without a signal, not noticing a road hump and braking suddenly - that sort of thing. All riders and drivers do not concentrate on the road all the time. So learn to observe other people's body language and prepare to be safe despite their mistakes! Cheers!

Posted: 4778 day(s) ago

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