Hi I have Scorpio SLX 2005 model I m getting the

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I have Scorpio SLX 2005 model, I'm getting the mileage of 8kms in city and 10 kms in highways.

Can anyone suggest me is it possible to tune to increase the mileage or provide me few tips to get the good mileage.

  • 4022 day(s) ago by Shankar
Under: Mahindra Scorpio #Cars
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Swapnil Natu
What u r getting is good figure for Scorpio...

Don't do anything to the company tuning or setup..

If possible add 3M additives for both fuel as well as lub oil.. will be a little benifitial...

On high ways, avoid engine RPM to exceed 3000 in first 3 gears & after putting top try to maintain below 2500..& don't drive above 100 if u can...

Try to run with lower A/C Usage & regular air check up will increase milage further.

Posted: 4021 day(s) ago

Somender Singh
Hello Shankar,

i have a new technology that can bring out all the hidden potentials in Your CRDe DI Diesel Engine ! You need to bring it over to Mysore for the transformation !

Do a google search for Somender Singh ~ you will get Tons of Info about my work ~ You will also see my American managed website !

Let me know ~ Regards,

sing !!!

Posted: 4021 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Sounds like pretty decent mileage as it is. The usual good driving habits will get you good mileage, but Mr. Somender Singh is for real. I have had the pleasure of driving one of his tricked out Esteems. Simply fantastic experience! If there is one person who can make your Scorpio sing, it is him!

Posted: 4021 day(s) ago

The mileage of 8 to 10 KMPL is quite acceptable.The mileage can be improved slightly by following standard rules of getting good mileage such as getting service done regularly, maintaining acurate tyre pressure,etc

Posted: 4021 day(s) ago

Hi Sing,

I'm pretty happy to hear the good news from you. Please pass your contact information to my id grshankarr@gmail.com.


Posted: 4020 day(s) ago

Neppolian Pillai
Hi! Shankar,

I guess ur scorpio is giving u pretty much optimum mileage. That said my 2008 model scorpio is giving me a mileage of 12km/ltr in highway and 10km/ltr in city. All i take care is regular maintenance schedule,tyre rotation,recommended tyre pressure, regular change of oil and air-filter and un-necessary revving of engine.

Thanks and regards

Happy driving.

Posted: 4020 day(s) ago

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