i hv been running beat for ovr a month nw and i m getting

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i hv been running beat for ovr a month nw and i m getting mileage of only 10 km/ltr on highways and arnd 8 in city..m done 2000+ kms..wondering if als wel wid ma car??
r odr bloggers sure of gettn mileage of 14-15?????
  • 4059 day(s) ago by Nisharth Kothari
Under: Chevrolet Beat #Cars
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The mileage you are getting is too less compared with the mileage as claimed by Chevrolet to be around 15 on average in clty.Please get the same inspected by GM dealer.

Posted: 4059 day(s) ago

I am also getting low mileage like you and am told by workshop people of dealer that this is normal in the beginning and would settle down after 1st servicing and more running of the car.

Posted: 4058 day(s) ago

Done 600 kms so far, 100% city driving with AC ON, 8.5 is the milage i got.

Posted: 4050 day(s) ago

Tharun Venkat
Optra Magnum
Look I had experienced a similar problem with my Optra Magnum 2.0 when I purchased it last october (Was getting a milage of 6-7 km/l and also lacked the power). After 1000 km's I complained to the dealer and they explained that the general tune up is made in a way that and is usually re-tuned at the end of first month.
Post the first re-tune i started getting a milage of 9-10 km/l.
Remember it takes atleast 3000 kms for a petrol engine / 5-10kms for a diesel engine to fully sent in. Also ensure they at the first service they change all Oil's including including the gear box oil. (believe me its worth the extra money)
So you have to be patient, its not buying a 2 wheeler where u can test the milage right after the fist service.

On the bright side I had been getting around 12-13 liter in Bangalore City since I crossed 5000 km - 2nd service(and i check my milage every time i fill in gas), and on the highway i get 17 (I cruze between 100- 120, not pushing any further)

Posted: 4023 day(s) ago


I am also getting very less milage for beat around 11-12 in city and similar on highway and that even without AC. I complained to Dealer they first asked me to check by full tank and then full tank, then some other way then joint trial, then they fixed something and claimed it is better now but problem is still there.i think chevy claims a lot but actually its not worth buying chevy.

Posted: 3542 day(s) ago

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