Hi Does any one got recondioning work done for the cars

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Does any one got recondioning work done for the cars suspensions?

I am facing some problem like banging experience on humps & path holes.

I enquired with one of the Hyundai Mechanic during service, then he adviced me that Suspension Struts can be serviced & reconditioned. He told me that they will remove existing oil, replace the bushes or any part if required, the price estimate was around 15K where as one strut will cost around 5K+ taxes + service charges & all included 30K so he recomended to go with servicing.

While passing through Rajaji Nagar Rajkumar Road, i seen one shop of Shock absorber sercicing, i enquired there & i was shocked like anything, there the service charges including oil was just 400/- per strut. He also told that he will be giving 01 Year Warranty & free service in case of any problem.

I request you plz suggest me whether it really works well?
Can i get it done or not?
  • 4031 day(s) ago by Swapneel
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Though the work done by local mechanic can not be reliable for long, it will be worth trying the same once as there will be lot of savings.Also as the strut is anyway needs service/replacement, you can get it serviced at rs 400 per strut whichis quite economical and use it for some time.If the problem persists then you can go for replacement.

Posted: 4029 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
Thanks Mr. Shiva Shankar, but i have a doubt as in many reviews it's being statd that instead of working out on Suspensions, better to sell the car as once if we remove & refix the suspensions, car losts it's stability. Is it True?
Also does this funda works for bigger cars like Accord or Sonata etc. which are around 1.5 Tonnes in weight? As i told it to one of my friend, he is insisting that he may get it done for his Sonata once he experiences my car, mine is a small car ie. Ikon.

Also i heard that if once car rashes over the Hump or a deep path hole in high speed, then the strut gets bursted off & all oil comes out & for this even 1st drive after service is also engough to happen.


Posted: 4029 day(s) ago

Replacing/ service of strut wont result in loss of stability. If the workmanship is good and used genuine parts then it should give ride quality as good as new one. As far as getting service of Hyundai Sonata is concerned, its always advisable to go for authorised service center as quality of service and use of genuine parts is most essential in Sonata otherwise the relative damages would become cumbersome to handle.

Posted: 4028 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
Hi Mr. Shiva,

Thanx for your advice but i have seen a person in Hyundai Service station who was arguing with service engineer about the same works had complaint within 5 days, he rushed his car quite fast on hump it seems & suspension started leaking oil heavily & also he lost the effect too & service engg was not able to take responsibility of it...
so i am planning to drop the plan of service.

Plz let me know if i replace rear suspensions at this moment & the front ones after 6 months or after an year, is it fine? coz i am facing problem only with rear most probably....

And does that "HUD" noise will get totally eleminated by replacing the suspensions?

Posted: 4027 day(s) ago

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