i m planing to buy a spark LS what is the positive and

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i m planing to buy a spark LS
what is the positive and negative sides
  • 4776 day(s) ago by Habeeb
Under: Chevrolet Spark #Cars
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by new estilo instead

Posted: 4776 day(s) ago

Chevrole spark has the advantages of good power,performance and high reliability. Disadvantage is of the smaller boot space.

Posted: 4775 day(s) ago

man wat u want in a family car safety this car have lots of safety features. if hit from any side u vl be safe.u have double spark pluge in the engine if one get short other vl work u wont get tis in any small car. suspension is gas suspension kit that is awesome. every thing is powered. this car has rare anti freez window which u vl usually get in luxury cars.the only problem i got till now is doors handle form inside which are of silver colour are geting fade,othere wise this car quit good

Posted: 4773 day(s) ago

Vinit Zaveri
TVS Motor
Hi there,
Spark is excellent city commute car and it think it is great to have such a luxury in small car at this price tag, with excellent performance to add. I purchased it last month - 30000 discount, Free accesoris - USB port - kenwood music system, floor matting, mud guar, means no other expecses for accesris except seat cover. ALos other 4000 worth acessorits free with polite discussion wiht manager

Posted: 4773 day(s) ago

First the positive side:
Handsome, sturdy, and solid good looks to give it an edge in the market.
The city-drivability of Spark is extremely comfortable due to its compact size, agility, and easy handling.
Accelerates from 0-100 kph in 14 seconds.
Roguishly striking design and easy-to-maneuver compact styling.
Siemens EMS to monitor emissions, which allow it to burn fuel more efficiently thereby giving a better mileage.
Large boot space of 170 litres.

The negative side would just be the instrument pod which is placed in the center of the dashboard, which might make it difficult for the drive

Posted: 4773 day(s) ago

What is your budget? I wont advice the spark at all. I think a car needs at least decent power which you need in an emergency. If you stretch yr budget a little, you can opt for New wagon r, Chevy Beat, Or Indica Vista. All these are more confidence inspiring even on the highway, which the spark is not. Take a ride in all the mentioned cars and see. And if you budget is limited, then trust me, take the old model Santro Zing and you will be a happy man. There is not a single santro user who is unhappy with the car. Its just that the model has become old and which is why you will be able to get a new model at maybe 3lacs or less..

Posted: 4768 day(s) ago

SPARK is good city car in the segment has great looks, nice curves, and has easy maneuverability, good leg space.
small boot space can be adjusted with 60 40 folding rear seats, if family size is small. Instruments pod is not ergonomically placed. HYundai fans


Posted: 4766 day(s) ago

Sudeep Kumar
Chevrolet Spark is a car which offers great value for money.For a price which is marginally higher than that of Maruti Alto,you get a higher powered car which comes with much better safety features.The only catch I see is the comparatively lower resale value.

Posted: 4766 day(s) ago

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