Hello Sir I have an Indica usually i go for long

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Hello Sir,

I have an Indica, usually i go for long drives, suggest me which audio system will be good, i want to change the hand lamps, Horn to get more lightning and sound of horn because maximun i drive on highways, suggest me on the same.

  • 4776 day(s) ago by Vijay
Under: Tata Indica #Cars
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One of the oldest Japanese manufacturer of electric components and music system is J.Victor Company. Now better known as JVC. You can rest assured that their in car entertainment systems are feature rich and full value for your money. They are dependable too.

Regarding wanting to increase the decibel of your horn, please note that some horns may be loud but are illegal in the eyes of the law and could be confiscated. Also they may consume more power thereby putting extra load on the battery.

Inrease in the light output may be possible to some extent by going for a Halogen type high intensity device. Here again I would caution you that while you may enjoy better visibility at night, it may prove to be blinding and fatal for the person ahead of you or for the person coming from the other side. Just remember, we have to co-exist with other fellow road users so please keep all factors in mind.

Posted: 4776 day(s) ago

i agree that jvc is one of good companies as far as audio system is concerned but its not the only one you can to any good car decorater(acsrs) shop (not any roadside) and they can solve all your problems you can test the various music system and decide what you like most according to your budget they can also either change or double the horn set and the halogen tubes of your car consult a good electrician at the decorators shop about the wattage and wiring of the horn.

Posted: 4776 day(s) ago

Royal Enfield
1.Music systems, Amplifiers, Woofer Company's- Alpine, Sony, Phillips, Kenwood, JBL, Pioneer.

2.If u want Sharp Blaster sound of horn go 4 Roots Megasonic(Local mechanic name silver grill) costs 1000/-.

Want dual tone bass horn go 4 skoda (local set will cost u 250/- original roots will b there within 450-500).

4 musical horns go 4 chinese 3,5 pipe pressure horns (3 pipe 400/-, 5 Pipe 650/-). I have a set of all 3 mentioned above but i've installed 3pipe pressure horns on by baby (Bullet standard 350cc).

3.Abt lights go for HID. A single bulb will cost u 2200-2500/- It consumes less energy & gives high bright light. Generally seen in Blue color but nowdays Green is available.

Chk out d site u'll get 2 knw abt d products, images, sounds etc
All the rates of the mentioned products are of New Delhi

Posted: 4775 day(s) ago

Though JVC Car Audio systems are great,Audio quality from Sony would be the best.You can go for the system suiting your budget. For others please follow the comments from Mr Microman ,Rajiv and Gobind. All give exact information

Posted: 4772 day(s) ago

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