i own a fiat linea emotion diesel what r the advantages of

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i own a fiat linea emotion diesel. what r the advantages of using nitrogen in the tyres. does it give better mileage. i am making a trip to manali from ahmedabad, will it be safe to drive with nitrogen in tyres at high altitudes.
  • 4793 day(s) ago by Partho Mukherjee
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B S Kumar
IF you are checking your tyre pressure regularly, and filling your tyres to the right pressure frequently, there is no advantage of using nitrogen. There are ONLY two advantages of using nitrogen instead of air in your tyres - 1. Nitrogen leaks out less and requires less frequent refilling. 2. The absence of oxygen in air helps fight rust and corrosion from water vapour in your rim. (Don't believe anything else people tell you about mileage etc.! The only things that can improve mileage is an improvement in the efficiency of your engine or reduction in resistance to movement - neither of which nitrogen in your tyre can do better than air!) Altitude will not affect your tyre pressure with air or with nitrogen. Normal air is anyway 78% nitrogen. Enjoy your drive!

Posted: 4793 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
As per expert's openion, Nitrogen is the one of the lightest gas in the automosphere.That's the basic advantage of the Nitrogen over the normal air.
Below r the advantage which i have experienced after filling nigrogen in my relatives Bolero.
1. As said above, no frequent air checks, leaks very low even if the vehicle gets punctured. If air got 78% nitrogen, then after the tire filled with air gets punctured, it gets flatten immediately where as nitrogen filled tire flattens after running around 20Kms, hence vehicle don't leave it's stability.
2. Tyre friction gets reduces & thus the tires wont get heated up, tire life increases.
3. It improves suspension effect ( Coushining feel will be more compared to earlier).
4. Yes. As it's a lightest gas, tire weight reduces & also coz of low friction, milage definately improves at least by 1Km. For experement, u can compare it by putting air in one tire & nitrogen in one tire, u urself can make it out.

Swapnil Natu.

Posted: 4791 day(s) ago

Nitrogen inflated tyres have better coushioning effect and also can be used for long run.As the cooling of nitrogen gas takes place better than the ordinary gas.The variation in tyre pressure due to heating and cooling of air is reduced.

Posted: 4790 day(s) ago

Amit Sharma
Hi Partho
Few people have already quoted some practical reasons of using Nitrogen in tyres, just go for it straight away..To share with you , I am slo using the same in my newly bought Swift and the results are soothing.

Posted: 4789 day(s) ago

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