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Hello Experts... I have question regarding Diesel cars... is there any lot of maintenance cost for diesel cars? if yes how much it would be... as I am planning to buy Tata Vista quadrejet... also how is the TATA Cars?
  • 4795 day(s) ago by Rajesh
Under: Tata Indica Vista #Cars
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Compared to petrol cars when parts are to be replaced, the maintenance cost could be bit onhigher side.Mainteance of Vista diesel wont be much difficult and extended warranty backup.

Posted: 4794 day(s) ago

Thanks SHiva... hope I better go to petrol :-)

Posted: 4794 day(s) ago

Karan Java
Indica Vista


The indica vista qudra is a nice car a total value for money.

I own one ( 10 months old (Aura) ) and am satisfied with the running cost moreover I feel proud of the fact that in such a competative car market maintained in India. Tata has managed to launch the indica vista qudra which maintains the youthful looks and an aggresive engine to match the competion in the market. Honestly the indica vista in it class is the best.

I suggest you go in for the new aura+ version which comes with better interiors, ABS, air -bags, and i think alloy rims you would need to confirm the alloy rims part at the dealer end.

The total cost of maintance is just the paid service, Deisel to travel and yes 2 punchures..LOL (Facts)


Posted: 4794 day(s) ago

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