Hi All How is Tata Safari Dicor Lx If I am getting one of

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Hi All,
How is Tata Safari Dicor Lx?If I am getting one of 2005 at 3.90 lakhs and If it had travelled more than 80,000/- kms will the deal be good?I want to purchase a used SUV.Which one would be the best in its class.Please help me out.
  • 4454 day(s) ago by Arundhati
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Safari LX of 2005 and run or 80K KM at Rs 3.0 lac seems to be a good deal and further negotiations of around 20k would make it best.Safari is a good choice as a used SUV for its spacious interiors and proven performance.

Posted: 4454 day(s) ago

Thank you very much Shiva-ji but could you please stress a bit more on its maintenance at this stage when it has run more than 80,000kms and other matters relating to its maintenance and average.

Posted: 4453 day(s) ago

Chandan Soni
Hi Arundhati,

Though the deal looks sweet, but its better if you wait for a lesser run Safari than this one. 80K is high mileage for a Tata vehicle which never have a good track record for reliability. Best would be to look for used Scorpio instead, though not as comfortable as a Safari, but you will not regret even if it a high mileage car you buy.

Posted: 4453 day(s) ago

Generally at 80000 KM run there wont be much of engine problems.The problem could arise inweaker suspension,worn brake pads etc which needs to be replaced.The average maintenance cost could be around 2000Rs for labour excluding parts costs. Even if you buy Scorpio the maineance at 80Kkm will be on higher side similar to Safari. The mainteance costs of used SUV would generally be bit higher side compared to new ones as there wont be warranty back up and with usage on wear and tear will always be there.In short it will be worth buying Safari Dicor at around 3.9 Lacs with proper negotiations..

Posted: 4453 day(s) ago

HI,a used safari 2005 safari at 3.90 is slighty on the higher side if u can negotiate it to somewhere around 3.5 then its a good deal.as far as milage of 80000km is concerned that is not a problem ,ive 13 months old safari at72000kms i do not find any problem with it .as mentioned again and again in my answers people who critisise tata vehicles are who do not know anything about cars .if u take proper care these vehicles run absolutely fine 1.just make sure you get ur vehicle serviced on time and ensure that the exact grade of engine oil is used as recomended.2.when u start your vehicle in the morning make sure to run the engine idle for at least 45 seconds before moving or swithing on the ac.these are small things u need to take care of .go ahead and join the safari club .drive safe .

Posted: 4452 day(s) ago

Hi m planning to buy used 2007 Scorpio which is run around 80000 is it good to buy or not

Posted: 2363 day(s) ago

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