Dear sir I bought a second hand 2006 Santro erlx xk

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Dear sir,

I bought a second hand 2006 Santro erlx xk model it covered 50000 kms. The first owner install AC in the vehicle from a AC mechanic, one mechanic told me that the AC fitted in the car is not for Santro.

Now my problem is when switch on the AC the vehicle cannot pull(I mean initial Pulling), some times in 2nd gear also the vehicle remain idle, I think now a days without AC also sometimes the vehicles initial pulling is low. The engine is very smooth, there is no smoke from the silencer and oil level is not diminishing.I enquired about this to the first owner, he told me that before fit the AC the vehicle's pulling was very good, he hope that AC may be the "villain".

I contacted the Hyndai service person, they told me that it is due to the problem of crank shaft,after that I replaced the worn out AC pully with the original one, but the problem still continuing,the Hyundai service person suggest to replace the crank that the sproket fixed to the crank is not correct for that the cost will come approx Rs.20000/-because the cost of the crank shaft is 10000/-.

Kindly suggest whatis the vehicles actual problem? is it necessery to do the engine work as the Hyundai service person told to me? or replacing the AC with a original one ? Kindly give a detail reply.

Anu Jose
  • 4045 day(s) ago by Anu Cajetan
Under: Hyundai Santro #Cars
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Mitesh Shah
i prefer to compare technically & financially for new ac & shifting craft, ofcourse in hyundai service centre is better

Posted: 4044 day(s) ago

The problem could be due to immproper adjustment of timing gears or faulty timing belt. Though there are chances of fault in crank shaft it is advisable to first replace the timing belt and adjust the timings properly.If the problem still persist then crankshaft needs to be inspected.

Posted: 4044 day(s) ago

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