i want to buy a mahindra scorpio but i m vary of the

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i want to buy a mahindra scorpio but i'm vary of the negative reviews the vehicle has got all over the net, Mr. Shiva pls advise if it would be a good idea to buy it or no
  • 4057 day(s) ago by Zoobie
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You havent mentioned wether going for used or new Scopio. In general Mahindra Scorpio has proven performance and very reliable vehicle.The few drawback include not so spacious second row seats and ther are complaints of bumpy ride on off road In overall if going for used Scorpio and available at convenient price then it would make a good selection. If going for new one then it will be worth considering Xylo.

Posted: 4057 day(s) ago

If you look for an SUV for 10L Scorpio is the options.
I own one and here is my points:
Goods: Performance, Fuel Economy, offloading capabilities, reliability, plenty of features (Bluetooth, steering control, voice assist, Cruise control etc), looks and SUV characters. Now comes with added safety - ABS and Airbags
Bads: Poor suspension, Plastic & interior quality and niggling service issues.
M&M tremendously improved this vehicle over the years, the suspension and the middle row space was improved.
Overall you won't regret after owning it.

Posted: 4057 day(s) ago

thanks! Mr. Shiva I want to buy a new scorpio & i'm choosing between a scorpio & a safari, that's why i'm confused.

Thanks Benny for your inputs, they are pretty informative

Posted: 4056 day(s) ago

Chandan Soni
Hi Zoobie,

As a customer, we dont have much choices for SUV's in the price range of 8-12 lacs, only two being Scorpio & Safari. As a proud owner of a Scorpio for the past 3 years, I can certainly assure you that nothing beats a Scorpio in this price range. Only negatives compared to a Safari are: Ride Comfort, Looks and Space. In every other parameter, Scorpio wins hands down.

Posted: 4049 day(s) ago

With my own experience of owning and driving a Scorpio, I can assure you that it is good choice. Only advice is to go for the M Hawk option. Safari as well has some very strong points in its favor like interior space. Look wise also Safari in general, is liked more over Scorpio by large number of people but looks are sometime deceptive.

Posted: 4048 day(s) ago

8-12 lakhs SUV I would suggest to go for Xylo. Wonderful vehicle if M&M makes some modifications,adjustments. Driving comfort, spacious, etc. Look not so good it is M&M concept. Poor painting, get scratch with touching of tree branches. By improving painting, interiors, outside look, and introducing A/T version it will be a very good car. one year celebration model looks good, compare to E4 to E8.

Posted: 4048 day(s) ago

both are not good. I also am looking for cheap suv. But scorpio is good on for front seaters. The 2nd row of seats is unbeleivably cramped. Very small space for people to sit behind. This is the reason scorpio is unpopular. You try sitting behind, you will realise. And safari is pathetic resale value because of the famous TATA name. Anything can go wrong anytime. Otherwise its very very comfortable. No two things abt it. Quite frankly the xylo is most comfortable, and doesnt look too bad except from the rear. From the rear it looks like a minivan. Same abt the Tata Grande. So you really dont have much choice in this category. What you can do, is buy a very good condition preowned scorpio, and modify its rear seats. They have a two seater option on opp sides at the rear. You make it single seats opposite facing, and retract the 2nd row of seats behind. Then, its a good vehicle to go for.

Posted: 4027 day(s) ago

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