Hi I have an Indica DLG Turbo 2008 model and would like

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I have an Indica DLG Turbo 2008 model and would like to know that do I change my car's wheels into Alloy as the current run is only 28000km?
Is it really worthy to convert my car's wheels into alloy or shall I keep it remain unchanged?
Please assist me the benifits of Alloy wheels asap.

  • 4056 day(s) ago by Parsa
Under: Tata Indica #Cars
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With Alloy wheels the ride quality improves much with better road grip and quality of tires and stylish too. However for changeing all wheels to alloy wheels requires around 18 K rs.
The covvential wheels performs well and has long life also at lower price.
In overall if spending money is not a constraint then you can go ahead with alloy.Otherwise current wheels should solve the purpose with satisfactory performance.

Posted: 4055 day(s) ago

Firstly, Alloy wheels are very expensive. Apart from that, in India, you won't get the proper tools with local mechanics in case your car gets punctured, which could damage the wheels. Moreover, the fuel efficiency of your car would also reduce marginally. Since its an indica, you don't have to worry about fuel much.

No doubts that alloy wheels would look stylish but only take care while mending punctures.

Posted: 4051 day(s) ago

Chandan Soni
Hi Parsa,

The Alloys available in India, whether Indian or Imported, are meant only for enhancing the looks of your car and nothing much.
Though apart from enhancing the looks, Alloys are actually meant to be lighter in weight than conventional steel wheels, which further helps in improving the ride & handling characteristics, as well as performance of a vehicle. But, sadly in India, Alloys which are priced between 12-20k for a set of 4 (14") are actually heavier or similar in weight to the original steel wheels, and it actually (slightly)penalizes the steering & suspension of the car depending on the brand and weight of the wheels you buy.

But dont be worried with this technical information, go ahead and get your car a good set of alloys. They totally transform the looks of a car, and turn it into a wolf from a sheep.

Posted: 4040 day(s) ago

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