hi shiva this is shawn from mumbai just a suggation i

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hi shiva this is shawn from mumbai. just a suggation . i like to buy a car. which will be better fors fiasta , verna or new honda city. even tell me maintenance wise. among all cars i like fiasta but ppl says that maintenance is really high .i really appriciate help in this matter. tc
  • 4056 day(s) ago by Shawn
Under: Ford Fiesta #Cars
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B S Kumar
Please drive all cars before you find what you like best. Each has its plus and minus points for each potential buyer. The Verna has scored high points in all sections of performance, but in terms of sheer engineering quality, the City has the edge. The Fiesta, while being a bit dated, is a great mileage performer in diesel.

Posted: 4056 day(s) ago

BrajMohan Singh
Go for Fial Linea. Its the best.

Posted: 4056 day(s) ago

If you are looking for pleasure to drive car - a super refined engine and sleek performance then go for City. It is miles ahead of any car in its category in those areas.

Posted: 4055 day(s) ago

Ford Fiesta is a maintenance is not too high.Spares price is relative to the price of car and service charges are bit onhigher for ford vehicles. However there is difference in overall performance of all cars mentioned. Fiat lines has good outlook, build quality and interior space also available at good price.New Honda City has higher power output than others and also proven performance but the price is muchhigher than other models offering similar features. Hyundai Verna also has proven performance and reliability. However to select one among Fiesta,Verna, New City. Fiesta wil be a good selection and can give satisfactory performance.

Posted: 4055 day(s) ago

Fiesta is a good car, solidly built. I am already into the 8th month of ownership but havent had issues with the car. The dealership and service does have issues. I have put my car buying experience in my blog at http://shib4u.blogspot.com maybe it can help u.

Posted: 4055 day(s) ago

Sorry, the link is http://shib4u.blogspot.com/

Posted: 4055 day(s) ago

Go for the honda city without thinking.You will get best value for money & price for the car if you want to upgrade ur car to other options in future.

Posted: 4054 day(s) ago

Rajan Baby
CR - V
Ford Fiesta was voted the best car in its category by RACV in Australia for the year 2009. If that is the same available in India with cute looks, then that is a great car.

Posted: 4054 day(s) ago

sorry to interfere as the information u got , dont prefer fiesta ,and if u can spend the cost , city is better other wise u can go to verna as it has proved it ,it supports all pick up(max speed 160 + that i drive on indian roads )and even milage is good,also maintainance

Posted: 4051 day(s) ago

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