hi i own a 07 Suzuki G V recently i asked u a question

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hi,i own a '07 Suzuki G.V.,recently i asked u a question abt left pulling in d car,i've done wid d wheel alignment and also tyre rotation bt still der is a very minor pulling towards left side, i've even checked d air pressure,bt d problem doesnt go.wat shall i do
  • 4064 day(s) ago by Mrs Jyoti Chourasiya
Under: Maruti Grand Vitara #Cars
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Minoo Shroff
All cars pull slightly to left, mainly due to camber of the road. If alignment is OK, then forget it. Only start worring if your front tyres start wearing unevenly

Posted: 4063 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
I hope the road camber is not so high where you are driving, but there is nothing wrong with the car if this is the reason. Just take it back to your alignment centre and tell them your car is still pulling to the left. They have to be able to fix it - free of cost.

Posted: 4063 day(s) ago

besides the camber or the alignment there is another reason why your car may be pulling to the left & that is the front tyres, sometimes its because of the uneven wear n tear & sometimes there is a defect in the tyre itself which may cause the car to pull, i speak this from experience

Posted: 4063 day(s) ago

The main cause for pulling is due to improper wheel alignmentn and improper balancing. Please get the same rechecked. Some times mechanics have tendency to replace the same balanceing weights without proper balencing.

Posted: 4063 day(s) ago

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