I drove Tata Nano Lovely cute car Good pickup overall

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I drove Tata Nano! Lovely cute car, Good pickup & overall comfortable in driving, sitting, Viewing.

One aspect I think is missing is Power steering. In city traffic Conditions for perfect Maneuverability to have a power steering becomes necessary in Tata Nano. Old people, Women & those used to power steering in other cars may crave for this.

otherwise the car is most suitable to Indian conditions Money wise, cost wise, comfort wise & most affordable.
  • 4482 day(s) ago by Rajesh Shah
Under: Tata Nano #Cars
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Yes you are right but the steering manuverability is quite smooth and also top end model comes with AC and powerwindows which will add to the comfort.

Posted: 4482 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Also backed by Tata's wide network of service stations, which is crucial for the kind of junk cars they make!VJF

Posted: 4482 day(s) ago

I do not discern whether the Nano has a good maneouvarbilty in ordinary model or whether the top end model has Power steering or not as SHiv says AC and power windows are there.??
Anyhow one customer is happy with NANO and he is using in the city. That will not have the problem but I doubt whether it can go on long trips 1000 Kms a stretch like we go in maruti to Bangalore from Pune??
Let us see whether any Member of car trade gives us the feedback as TATA are mum .
Dr P C Rao, PUNE

Posted: 4482 day(s) ago

S Joshi
I agree with Mr.Rao who is a perfectionist in his era of cars and doen't believe in modern cars (as I too believe old techonology is unbeaten irrespective of socalled modern tenology which are most of a computer based technology and like computer down the technoly down policy or more like a software professional who is more money grabbers than a mind baggers and once parent down child down (ie.,America down and software down) Tata cars are a failed vehicles which are nothing but junk makers, whereas Maruti & Honda who are proven leaders in their field and their products sell well above these junk models. Nano is suitable for city driving and nothing more we can expect. S Joshi (Sandur) - Blore


Posted: 4480 day(s) ago

Dr Padmanabhan
I have been using a Tata Nano cx model for the last 7 months in Mumbai.It is a wonderful car at that specific pricing point.The cx model ie deluxe model comes with AC but no power windows and central locking.It cost me Rs 182000 in Mumbai with taxes insurance registration etc.The higher model lx comes with Ac power windows on the front doors and central locking and costs Rs 210000 in Mumbai on road with taxes insurance registration etc.

I have done 5500 km to date.It gives an average of 17 km in city per liter.I have driven it to Pune on the expressway where it gave an average of 27 km per liter.It is compact troublefree,easy to park and has excellent pickup.It is a wonderful spacious car with loads of space for the passengers.However the lack of a hatch ie rear opening is a negative,as the luggage boot in the rear has to be accessed from the rear seats.
People should not start comparing it to cars which cost 5-10 lakhs as that would be an unfair and stupid comparison'I strongly recommend it to any buyer.

Posted: 4480 day(s) ago

I simply don't understand why people criticize TATA. People who believe TATA makes junk cars, can you please explain. I agree to a certain extent that they lack the refinement that Maruti and Honda have. One has to understand that until now TATA was not targeting the volume of people that Honda targeted, nor were there cars comparable to the ones from Maruti(TATA is known for diesel engines). Were Maruti and Honda delivering diesel engines earlier?(NO). When you make the comparison just don't look at the feel of the car, look at what you get at what you pay. You cannot compare INDICA with SWIFT, but you certainly can with INDICA Vista.
INDICA was not a drivers car, but it certainly managed to live up to the average earning persons expectations.

Posted: 4479 day(s) ago

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