Hi I am Planning to get Mahindra Xylo but I am confused

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Hi, I am Planning to get Mahindra Xylo, but I am confused. Xylo E4, E6 and E8 has mEagle CRDe engine and D2 has some other engine. One of my friend told me that latest engine has come up for E4, E6 and E8. Is it true there is latest engine for E4 other than m Eagle CRDe. Can I go for CRDe meagle CRDe engine. How is the maintenance for this engine. Thank You.
  • 4006 day(s) ago by Sam Thomas
Under: Mahindra Xylo #Cars
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B S Kumar
Mr. Thomas, they are all the same engine with minor variations. You will find no great advantage of one over the other. Just buy what you feel good to drive in. For sure, take an extensive test drive of the vehicle/variant you are thinking about. Maintenance wise, up until 50K km, no problems, but after that you will see the efficiency drop, noise increase, and power go down. It is all part and parcel of Indian diesel engines.

Posted: 4005 day(s) ago

The selection of varient mainly depends upon the budget range. E8 offers te maximum feaures and value for money invested.

Posted: 4004 day(s) ago

Arpit Doshi
you are intrested in mahindra xylo.if you no that in the xylo the latest model is d2.and it is for only taxi.if you select for your comfertable family you select a xylo e8 is the best.because this is my personal experiance.thank you.

Posted: 4004 day(s) ago

Arindam Sarkar
Instaed of buying xylo go for grand mark2.

Posted: 4004 day(s) ago

e8 with 100000 axcessories a very good car want to buy call me i hav 3 month old car moving to delhi dont want to pay road tax twice hence sell the car @850000 on road price 1040000in bangalore call9886041136.

Posted: 4004 day(s) ago

hi my name is sridhar iam driveing 2013 d4 mahindra xylo problem is often 870000 is so much sounds of gearbox and engine what to do

Posted: 1122 day(s) ago

My Question is
Xylo E4 Engine Life. I like buy Xlyo E4 . And I have chosen E4 Model 2012 Running Km 70000 white color its fine

Posted: 521 day(s) ago

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