Is there any solution to avoid the striking headlights of

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Is there any solution to avoid the striking headlights of the opposite vehicles to ensure safe-drives across all kinds of roads.

I have just learnt to drive and never had imagined that night driving is so difficult and risky because of the passing vehicle's glare.

I heard from one of my friend that theres a special glass/coating for the front view glass which completely cuts off the glare and it costs around 15K. Is it genuine and is it available for any kind of vehicle?
  • 4829 day(s) ago by Prashanth
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Abhishek Joshi
BuyPhilips 130 bulbs will cost you around 250/- per ps fix it with a cutout in your car that will be the most powerfull on road and others will face the problem that you are facing and they will bring there lights to low beam due to the trouble! indicating you to bring your light to low beam. trust me try this its not too expensive dont forgrt to put a cutou which will cost you additional 700/-
Abhishek joshi

Posted: 4829 day(s) ago

By providing thin sunfilm on the upper side of front windshield the glare effect on eyes from opposite vehicle can be reduced.By using the bulbs as recommended by Abishek the glare effect on opposite vehicle can be reduced. As the glaring effect of opposite vehicle reduces the momentary visibility of eyes,Other technic is to use flash light immediately after passage of opposite vehicle so that the high intensity light will help for beter viewing .If any other four wheeler any other vehicle passing in front of you then concentrate on the tail lamps and follow the same for the moment.

Posted: 4824 day(s) ago

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