Hi I am using Alto LXI recently I had problem of rats

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Hi I am using Alto LXI , recently I had problem of rats entering engine and spoiling wires, I used metal foil to cover it up and now wires in the engine are not spoiled but " rats are some how entering the compartment inside and spoiling the wires and other stuff " can u please suggest permanent solution , I have already tried mothballs and other rat kills which didnt work
  • 4212 day(s) ago by Pradeep
Under: Maruti Alto #Cars
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Its indeed a complicated problem especially if the parking place is exposed to rats.However we have following suggestions to make.
1.Ensure water drain holes provided to the body are sealed.
2.Cover the air filter when vehicle is not inuse.
3.The electricians can find out the exact place of rat entry.As lot of holes are made in engine compartment for wiring purpose, there are chances rats enter into dashboard and spoil wiring.
4.Best of the solution lies in making the parking place free of rodents by blocking rat entry places to the parking area.It can be done unless vehicle is parked


Posted: 4212 day(s) ago

Please change your parking place. Even if it means going some distance away. Also make sure your immediate environment is clean. Try to keep pieces of "roban" or "ratkill" underneath the car. These are tempting titbits which they find hard to resist. It is a slow poison but it works. Complain to the local municipality about the rats in the first place. They will despatch rat killers.

Posted: 4212 day(s) ago


Place eating tobaco ( Tambaku) inside the bonet of the car , all your troubles will be of the past

Posted: 4211 day(s) ago

just buy a cat and leave it in your car every night, it will keep the mouse away. no worries

Posted: 4211 day(s) ago

My Car Alto LX April 2009 Mfg
Complete Wiring Short
Plz send me price of Complete Wiring & Labour Cost

Posted: 2767 day(s) ago

Hello the best way to prevent rats enter into your car is use the Rat preventives spray. This is available online

https://www.amazon.in/s/ref=as_li_ss_tl?rh=n:4772060031,n:5257474031,k:rat+spray&keywords=rat+spray&ie=UTF8&qid=1481456281&linkCode=ll2&tag=hihi-21&linkId=a8c4e61773 79ce95b859 fc3c7ea84f 4c

This will prevent entering rat into your car,

Alternatively use the tobacco sticks available in small shops, just place them at entry points, but tobacco one might cause some issue while you drive i'm not sure about it but spray is best option.

Posted: 1745 day(s) ago

Easy way to avoid Rats in your car is, use this spray. But the odur is more, so spray at night and leave it till morning. Spray by placing your car in open area

https://www.amazon.in/s/ref=as_li_ss_tl?field-keywords=rat+repellent&tag=hihi-21&linkId=110add13a3 eebd21bc48 bd9da35376 17

Some of the best sprays available online, check out reviews before you buy.



Posted: 1745 day(s) ago

How much cost alto electrical wiring

Posted: 440 day(s) ago

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