hi m niraj patil from nagpur 30 yrs planning to buy new

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hi, m niraj patil from nagpur ,30 yrs. planning to buy new hyundai i10 ,infact already booked it, and the model is magna 1.1. i want to know the real performance details about this car. company claims mileage of 14-15 kmpl. is this true? and how comfortable this car is in long run as i hav to travel other cities also. ? and what about its maintainance?
  • 4836 day(s) ago by Niraj
Under: Hyundai i10 #Cars
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You have made a good choice in going for Hyundai i10. You canget mileage of around 14- 15 KMPL as mentioned.The performance of the car has received good feedbacks.Mainteance is of average of around 3K rs per service.

Posted: 4836 day(s) ago

Its a good choice, however if you have a lot of long distance driving you could also consider buying a diesel car. The Vista is a good VFM car (go for the TDi engine). I personally have used a V2 DLS and currently have a Vista Aura Safire. get mileage of 14 with A/c in city.

Posted: 4835 day(s) ago

Anurag Bhandari
Performance of the car is very good. Servicing cost is not much. Take AMC for servicing from the dealer to minimise cost. The car is good or long drives also. I get a milage of around 20-23 on Mumbai Pune Highway. In Mumbai city Highways, milage of 15-16 is normal. In city conditions Average drops down to 8-10. Travelling to other cities though highway will be a pleasure as the pickup etc of the car is excellent. It reaches 0-100 in no time. I suggest you go or kappa engine.(my experience is for kappa engine which is 1.2 litre and not 1.1 litre).

Posted: 4832 day(s) ago

Verender Singh
Car handling is best in the segment, but mileage will give you trouble, as you have long distance travelling.

Posted: 4831 day(s) ago

BK Mishra
U have made a good choice. i10 is an excellent car. I am using the same model for last 2 years. My place is a small town. In city driving I get 17km/ltr w/o A/C and in highway i get around 20 km/ltr w/o A/C. With A/c in highway i get around 18 km/ltr. Maintenance cost is same everywhere. On an average it is 1500 per servicing.It is really a pleasure to drive the car, very stable and average speed of 65 to 70 is the best. But if u travel a lot from city to city u should go for a diesel car and i20 with 1.4 ltr diesel engine will be the best choice.

Posted: 4814 day(s) ago

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