In the present day context which is better Diesel or

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In the present day context, which is better? Diesel or petrol, as the Auto industry claims that Diesel engines are more advanced now!!!! CRDI, Kappa... etc., Whether Still we have to see the over all usage, vibration, maintenance cost etc., to go for a diesel version?? Whether the advancement will only for initial kms then later develops the same vibration, high maintenance cost for these advanced Diesel engines also???
  • 3509 day(s) ago by S SADAGOPAN
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Diesel engines have improved as far as technology is concerned. The comparision now is simple:

Diesel(generally)= periodisity of maintenance is high+ less reselling price in % terms. Also an important factor is how many kms does the person travel.

Posted: 3509 day(s) ago

Both Petrol version and diesel version cars have been improved much. Diesel cars costs around 1 lac more than the similar cpaity petrol vehicle.Though there is reduced fuel cost.The profitability will come in to picture after usage of above 50 K Km or so. Also maintenance of diesel version is comparitively higher than petrol versions.The main point to be considered is the usage.If you are using for regular long drives then diesel version would serve the purpose better than petrol version.

Posted: 3508 day(s) ago

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