How is the new ford endeavour 2 5l 4 2 everest What is the

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How is the new ford endeavour 2.5l 4*2 everest? What is the annual maintenace approximately? Are there any other problems like the a.c. Fuse going off or the Tyrese wearing out within few months with very minimal usage? Pls reply asap
  • 3400 day(s) ago by Tommy
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There are no much problems with Ford Endeavour. Tyre wearout mainly depends upon wheel alignment and usage.Annual Maintenance cost could range from 5 K per service excluding spares.We will soon provide average anual maintenance of the same.

Posted: 3400 day(s) ago

well! the vehicle drives beautifully but must say the after sale support from Ford India is pathetic as they NEVER TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROBLEMS but push you on to some dealer or the other, never to solve the problem. As for my vehicle the tyre wear started from day one with the vehicle pulling to on side. Efforts were made by my dealer by way of doing alignments etc, but nothing changed. Tyres in the front were replaced once, but the reason for the wear never solved as my new tyres are wearing out in a similar fashion. Have to differ from Mr Shiva as I can show you a record breaking alignments and balancing s and tyre pressure checks, done tons of times with dealers in Bombay like Shakti Ford etc and my dealer in Goa. But the fact remains the same. As for the a/c I keep changing the fuse on and off. A problem I have to live with I guess. Maintenance is around 6k + depending on the service n spares involved.

Posted: 3396 day(s) ago

I have a new ford endeavour 4*2...the usage is very it that if a diesel engine Is used less it will start giving problems?

Posted: 3391 day(s) ago

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