what is mean by CNG Advantage of the CNG How is fitting

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what is mean by CNG? Advantage of the CNG?How is fitting
  • 4023 day(s) ago by Khader
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CNG means compressed natural gas... advantage is that its cheaper than petrol...BUT HAVE TO WASTE MORE TIME IN que FOR getting it... but after cng is put in vehicle the condition of vehicle becomes fucked up completely and no body is ready to buy it for 2 nd hand.. even for 1 rs......... even average given is nt gud.. so dnt go for cng

Posted: 4023 day(s) ago

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline (petrol), its cheaper than petrol.

Posted: 4023 day(s) ago

The biggest problem in India is that some idiots don't know a thing about a particular tech and go out and give stupid suggestions.CNG as correctly pointed out by Mr.Vijay is compressed natural gas.It's an industrial waste gas hence readily available and cheap.A cng kit is easy to install and results in a 50 % improvement in fuel economy of the vehicle.It's octane rating is about 120 as against 91 for petrol which makes it much cleaner then petrol and hence while polluting less it also keeps the engine clean and hence increases engine life.Contrary to popular assumption the resale value of a cng vehicle is higher then a petrol vehicle.The cng tank is fitted into the boot of the vehicle and the entire process takes about 5-6 hours.A problem earlier with cng was a slight drop in performance which now is history thanks to new tech like a timing advancer and a lamda sensor.In simple words by putting cng you are caring for the environment as well as saving a HUGE amount of money.

Posted: 4023 day(s) ago

please sent me picture for cng kit fittig & name of the majer part & function of the each parts

Posted: 4021 day(s) ago

Compressed Natural gas is a good alternative fossil fuel and fitting of the same has advantage of economical running ie reduced cost per KM.

Posted: 4020 day(s) ago

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