Sir What s the mileage of ambassador diesel Isuzu

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What's the mileage of ambassador diesel(Isuzu engine)? Is it good and reliable and long-lasting for private use, not Taxi purpose? Is it available onroad for less than 5 lacs?
  • 3404 day(s) ago by Ramesh Kaushik
Under: Hindustan Motors Ambassador #Cars
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Hindustan Motors
I use a petrol engine with a mileage of 12 to 14 KM/Ltr.

Diesel engines are good for 15 - 16KM/Ltr.

But go for a diesel with turbo engine.

Isuzu engines are as good as any and they are reliable,being used in many industries including auto.

Posted: 3402 day(s) ago

M Tirumala Rao
Hindustan Motors
my car milag is 14km/liter.eng is bmc amsd.personal use. good condition.

Posted: 3400 day(s) ago

Ambasador can give mileage of around 15KMPL. Its very reliable but has lost the onroad image with availabilty of better shaped,featured cars in the same range.

Posted: 3393 day(s) ago

Hi all,
My Ambassador with imported B1 Isuzu delivers 18 kmpl at highways... Perfomance is also good...

Posted: 3304 day(s) ago

Sanjeeb Kumar Das
Hindustan Motors
Hello Friends i have 1991 nova ambassador car.It gives mileage 16 kmpl for town & 17+ kmpl for highway.I like this Car.

Posted: 3018 day(s) ago

Hindustan Motors
Dear Friends,

I have 1969 model Ambassador Nova AC Classic Model Diesel(Mata tor Engine) Engine. very strong car.
It gives 15+ for highways the average speed is 50 to 60kmph without AC.I like this Car. the spare parts are very cheap. Driving is very comfortable and the left side front view is very clear.
The only problem is it is an old model and old look Car.
Monthly I have long journey this car 700 to 1000km per month.


Posted: 2755 day(s) ago

should i buy used Wagon R at Rs.125000/- to 150000/- regitered in 2004/2005 year.

Posted: 2706 day(s) ago

I have a 1978 model ISUZU engine model 17kmpl in city roads

Posted: 2332 day(s) ago

i have 1996 model Nova deluxe Bmc engine noise very less and deliver 17 kmpl the top speed 120 kmph very nice car . but rarely i use this car for family trip within 100 km .

Posted: 2311 day(s) ago

i'm an owner of an isuzu powered amby,it gives me 17kmpl on highways

Posted: 2201 day(s) ago

sir what is the mileage for hm isuzu in maruthi gypsy

Posted: 2134 day(s) ago

Is the ISUZU D1 imported engine is good engine? what mileage we expect from the engine? Now i have HM isuzu 2002 model engine but gives only 13.5 km in high way

Posted: 2119 day(s) ago

what is the milage of Ambasador disel isuzu engine 1966 model

Posted: 2070 day(s) ago

Hi I have izu D1 engine then the mileage is 18 to 20 and model of my car is 1973 its top speed is 120km/h

Posted: 1986 day(s) ago

I have purchased a AMBI --1990 model,and modified with Matador engine,what mileage can i expect --from thuis enginge

Posted: 1670 day(s) ago

i want Amb car below 100000 Rs if any body interest pls call me 09942486659

Posted: 1646 day(s) ago

With me no car

Posted: 1548 day(s) ago

what is the speed of self of petrol ambassador car

Posted: 1172 day(s) ago

i looking a isuzu engin amby ady adivce? from experience users

Posted: 1160 day(s) ago

I want ambasador car if u found then plz call me.
Ambasador car rg no MRJ 2700.
MY NO 9577169789

Posted: 1038 day(s) ago

I want good condition ambassador ac power stering clear doc petrol car. Any seller please inform me. 9943111987

Posted: 930 day(s) ago

hm plus can give millage 16 lkm
izuzu can give millage 20 plus km on highway with 5 person

Posted: 810 day(s) ago

hm plus can give millage 16 lkm
izuzu can give millage 20 plus km on highway with 5 person

Posted: 810 day(s) ago

I want ambassador isuzu g1,ps,A/ me 8838385354

Posted: 798 day(s) ago

Abdullah Madathodi Kappatt
i have 2007 model full option Isuzu engine ambassador POWER WINDOW POWER STEERING POWER BREAK CENTRAL A C ETC it gives me more than 18 km mileage in highway roads i am not selling its my dream car

Posted: 339 day(s) ago

Venkatesh Prabhu R
Hi I want Isuzu G1 Please call me on this no 9751276635

Posted: 311 day(s) ago

I want latest model ambassador either used or new Pls call on my no. 9966181816

Posted: 162 day(s) ago

I have ambassador classic model 2001. If anybody wants to buy , contact me .8883653293

Posted: 154 day(s) ago

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