hi sir i want to know that after overhauling my accent

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hi sir,
i want to know that after overhauling my accent will my average increase and what other things will get bettter.and what will be the cost of overhauling and changing the raditor in mumbai.
  • 4032 day(s) ago by Kreena
Under: Hyundai Accent #Cars
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Wwith overhauling of engine the milege gets better and the car will give good performance for atleast 50 to 80K KM.For overhauling the cost could be around 20 to 25k.radiator could cost around 5kRs.

Posted: 4030 day(s) ago

Vibhav Jindal
Hello Kareen, Overhaulng dfntly betters the car performance, but for smtime the engine remains sluggish, the a/c, transmission will also perform better, the cost for accent overhaul is between 35-40k, depending on the spareparts replaced, most probably, the piston rings are repaced if no major damage is reported, overhauling by good hands is a major concern so look out and go head

Posted: 4029 day(s) ago

How much miles have you done on your accent
Overhauling does help
Cost around 20-30 k This all depends upon what needs replacement

Posted: 4029 day(s) ago

Deepak Nainani
yes, overhauling will improve the performance.the cost will be around rs35000/

Posted: 4029 day(s) ago


Better to avoid overhaul at maximum level u can as engines will be assembled on CNC Machines at initial state but during overhaul, it's all mannual.

Generally big cars like Ascent will have around 1.5L Kms engine life ( minimum) & max depends the way it's being used.

Better u try to do minimum but essential maintenance done regularly & use sinthetic oil, check oil level on regular basis so that u can conclude if the overhaul is really important as if it's so then the oil consumption will go high & some people ignore it & hence the engine seazing will occur. Even if ur car consumes more oil, u can keep a watch on it & there are aditives available from 3m which can help u maintain car in stand still condition, u can use ur car with this technic till the car comes to totally break donw state as u will loose the feel of the vehicles after overhaul & even after that some times pick up reduces ( which is a very general observation after overhaul) & u will loose interest itself.

Also u can get the car's general check up done every time before going for long drives.

Changing radiator is depends on the Service Engineer's advice & the temp needle indication generally.

Posted: 3957 day(s) ago

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