My budget is Rs 4 lakh I would prefer a car with good

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My budget is Rs. 4 lakh. I would prefer a car with good boot space and carrying capacity. Maintenance should be low & give good mileage.

I have narrowed down my search to the following:-

1. Chevorlet Beat
2. I10 Era (due to budget constraint)
3. Getz Prime
4. Wagon R
5. Indica Vista

Please advice
  • 3006 day(s) ago by Sanjay Sen
Under: Hyundai i10 #Cars
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In the range mentioned good selection will be between Vista and Beat. Indica Vista has larger boot space and also decent mileage.Beat has stylish outlook and good space and mileage, comes with warranty of 3 years unlimited KM. To select one,Beat would be a optimum selection.

Posted: 3006 day(s) ago

Mayank Gaur
I had the same question which i satisfied myself with saying yes to Santo Zing. I got a hand at Beat, and thot it to be a non-family car, with a slow response to throttle, the ride feels good, but better for youngsters with economical pockets. I felt Wagon R to be a commoner, with a box type body and chair type seating, which doesnt give me a car type feeling, but heard that engine is great. Hyundai doesnt seem to be interested in making the Gets with good interiors, much simpler, even than i10. Neither the car looks trendy nowadays. Vista is nice with looks, but it is costly and also buying a tata depends on your social class. Out of all, i might go for Beat as it is new in market or may be on a safer side with Vista or Wagon R.

Posted: 3006 day(s) ago

In the order of preference:
1. Chevorlet Beat
2. Indica Vista
3. Getz Prime
4. Wagon R
i10 is too small when compared to boot space size

Posted: 3006 day(s) ago

Rajesh Narvankar
I would prefer getz prime over indica vista & wagon R. Beat is also good option to look at but after sales service is very good with hyundai. Getz is solid & comfortable car with big cabin. Smooth to drive. To sumup go for Getz or Beat.

Posted: 3006 day(s) ago

Anurag Bhandari
Vista & i10 are V.good. i10 is driving pleasure. I get a milage of 16-17 kmpl.Minimum milage I got was 13 on busy roads But if you need big boot space, i10 does not score. No idea about others. Beat looks good in advertisements but don't know about its driving experience. I was not impressed by sitting in a wagon R owned by my friend. After sales service of maruti & Hyundai are satisfactory and not very costly.

Posted: 3006 day(s) ago

My order of preference would be
Wagon R
But I suggest test-drive of all with 04 persons sitting and checking out the luggage with maybe 2 suitcases in the boot.
My wife did not like the Wagon R.
We ultimately bought a used Palio Sport and saved money :-)
best wishes!

Posted: 3006 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu

In all of the above mentioned cars, Getz would be the most big, comfortable, strong & effecient car...

If u can streach ur budget little bit, then the CRDI would be more fentastic option.

It's veryt tough to find Independent Spring & shock absorber combination for rear wheels in this segment...

& i think no other car is as specious & equipped like Getz....

Posted: 3005 day(s) ago

Beat will be the good choise,good space ,more style compares to other,powerful and economical.Vista also can be considered.Wagon R is nice car if you like its shapes.

Posted: 3004 day(s) ago

your choices are very good..
i seen ur requirments like bootspace , maintenance , mileage
thn i selected 1car wid morebootspace , mileage nall 4 u...

Tata indica vista is a good car in dis requiremnts........
if u need more info thn contact wid me -

Posted: 3003 day(s) ago

BK Mishra
Getz is going to be phased out,so stay away from it. Wagon R is going to have a new engine , spacious, lot of boot space and proven vehicle. wait for it. Beat has just entered to India, yet to be proven. i10 is the maxm selling car of Hyundai and it is a pleasure to drive with the comfort level offered by it.My suggestion to you will be wait for either Wagon R or buy a i10.

Posted: 2942 day(s) ago

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