what is ABS please let me know the system used for what

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what is ABS please let me know.the system used for what?
  • 4879 day(s) ago by Chakrahastha
Under: Skoda  #Cars
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ABS stands for Aantilock Braking system.It helps to avoid skidding of vehicle in wet roads. Once the brakes are applied the ABS prevents locking of brakes for longer duration and hence wheels can restore movement faster than the regular disc brakes.
Its not mandatory in a car.If installed helps for better handling of vehicle.

Posted: 4879 day(s) ago


Dear Chakra..

As Shiv has very correctly specified.. ABS stands for AntiLock Braking System. ABS helps braking better specially at high speeds.. without letting the car skid off track. This is mainly on wet roads as well as turns..

This is normally a standard equipment in foreign cars in the higher segments.. however in India Car Companies use this as a marketing tool to get back more value for the car.

Just be cautioned.. on the application of brakes you may encounter a specific noise in the brakes.. thats typical to ABS.. one may tend to get worried about this noise.. but its normal.

Happy Driving..

Anand Kute

Posted: 4878 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
ABS prevents locking of the wheels which tends vehicle to skid & go off the roads...
Its basically helpful specially while riding cars with high speeds on curves.......

Dear Mr. Anand..

the noise don't comes while breaking if car has got ABS, it comes while applying normal breaks at very high speed ...
it's applicable for all cars which don't have TCS. This noise comes while rushing the car with high speeds on curves & that can be avoided only if ur car is having TCS ( Traction Control System) & that too if u have activated it....


Posted: 4878 day(s) ago

Tapan Biswas

Lay mans term ABS is also called "Chuk-Chuk" which is the sound it makes when u apply hard brake. Its for better manouverability of the car in high speed.Brakes (Hudraulic power)are applied at certain frequency, allowing the wheel to move & brake thus u dont loose control. People say the braking distance gets longer with ABS. I can tell that is not the case & its really superb if u need to brake hard on account of an emergency.Vehicle doesn't turn. Happy "Chuk Chuk" & safe journey.

Posted: 4834 day(s) ago

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