Now Electric cars are developed will it develop sounds as

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Now Electric cars are developed will it develop sounds as that of car running on petrol or diesel,since the people are have road sense, I am experiencing the same problem in electric two wheeler.
  • 4544 day(s) ago by Shankaranarayana
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The Electric cars will rule the roads if its designed to meet requirments like long distance usage, trouble free operation,and most important thing is the price.

Posted: 4544 day(s) ago

Hi SHIV,your answer has missed the Bus??

I have read on Internet that Electric cars is VERY SILENT and hence the Road Users may not hear that the car is coming near.
Nissan has designed in Japan an Electric car to solve the problem by generate an Engine Noise while the Electric Car is moving on roads.
AM I correct in answering your question.
Dr P C Rao, Green consultant Auditor. Pune

Posted: 4544 day(s) ago

Noiseless or very very low noise engines are not new in India In most of the Luxury cars like BMW,Audi etc you wil not be knowing if engine is running unless u have a look at the instrument clusture and check rpm meter. so noiseless operation is not a big problem if car has other advantages like low cost per KM,ease of driving , maintenance etc.

Posted: 4544 day(s) ago

Aniruddha Patwardhan
The question itself is ridiculous.If a car is silent it's a feather in the cap.
It is like ,since the rear engined buses when coming from your rear can hardly be noticed .You mean to say it should have an engine in the front to create noise for the people to notice it's arrival

Posted: 4543 day(s) ago

Electric engines may be (should be) silent.Any way I only familiar with 'cute' Reva.Presenty NVH technology is common.

Posted: 4543 day(s) ago

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