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Reply to Gautam Jain. Obviously I am asking about OWNERSHIP EXPERIENCE - if you read my message you will realize that . The words that will give you a hint to that effect are "users" and "feedback" . Your deduction on my inability to find Royal Enfield website too is wrong - obviously I know how to use Google , but do you think they will write about leakages and false neutrals and fusing electrics on THEIR OWN PRODUCT ?!?!?!

I dont need "support" in the sense of anything except willingness to sign and forward a petition to the Government . Perhaps for bikers to join a protest ride to Parliament in EACH city in India on the SAME day to protest about the SAME issue - which is VULGAR duties which have NO justification what soever - a fact I have conclusively proved in my study - which by the way is complete and needs no further work.

Finally Gautam Jain , my study has been concluded over 1 year ... BEFORE Royal Enfield believed it fit to launch the bike in India. In fact I had written a stern email to them about this when they launched the UCE Classic abroad . I had told them that it was cheap of them to launch the first decent sounding product in 2 decades ABROAD and not in India first !

Anyway - I really did not like the tone of your mail - dont be so presumptuous
  • 4545 day(s) ago by Nadir
Under:   #Bikes
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Mr Nadir we respect your openion and sorry for the in convenience caused.

Posted: 4543 day(s) ago

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