WaganR or i10 Please suggest me

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WaganR or i10? Please suggest me
  • 3860 day(s) ago by Niraj
Under:   #Cars
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The price , performance of both cars is almost similar .But ,Wagon R wins over i10 in both mileage and power . cost of Wagon R is also little less than i10 .Hence Wagon R will be better .

Posted: 3860 day(s) ago

Go 4 i10

Posted: 3860 day(s) ago

i10 anyday - I drove wagonr for few months & then bought i10 - cool vehicle

Posted: 3860 day(s) ago

Go for Wagin R.....good price,space,mileage,service..n u even get a DUO option...i personally had done lot of research n found wagon R better....go for it.

Posted: 3860 day(s) ago

hi this is manish here as far as my opin is concrn both cars are availble at almost same cost now the thing is if you are true car lover and wanted a stlyish ride den u hav to go i10 but when it comes to maintainace part den maruti is un unbitble...as well as you will have an option open for duo(gas + petrol)...so better u go for maruti....

Posted: 3860 day(s) ago

Amit Bohra

Posted: 3860 day(s) ago

wagon R

Posted: 3859 day(s) ago


Posted: 3859 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
if ur young go for i10,IF u want maruti then go for swift diesel,stylish n economical.

Posted: 3859 day(s) ago

Prof P C Rao
Even though I am a Maruti fan,I do not like WagonR as the width is narrow and only two people can sit at the back.Further it has a tall boy shape,which I do not like.If I am given a choice, I will go for i10 for its shape and size.

Posted: 3859 day(s) ago

Go for WagonR which is the nice car. But anyhow the WagonR matches with i10 in all aspects. Smooth car and one of the best cars in Duo Fuel model.

Posted: 3859 day(s) ago

My previous vehicle was wagonR,recenly (b4 6 months)i brought an i10 ,in my opinion i10 is having lot more features than wagonR .U will enjoy driving i10 than wagonr.Mileage point of u both are same.

Posted: 3858 day(s) ago

r u looking for out look & smooth drive go for i10. r u looking for good millage & deo option go wagenR. choise is yours.

Posted: 3858 day(s) ago

i10 bcause its more frugal,advanced ,with the new kappa engine,looks great ,solid build and great ride.Also,Wagon R is said to b replaced with some other model by end of the year.

Posted: 3858 day(s) ago

The seats in Wagan R are not comforatble compared to i10, also its narrow than i10 thereby reducing the space at rear for 3 passengers. However if your concerned about the after sale service and low maintanence than go for Wagon R.

Posted: 3857 day(s) ago

I suggest you for you purchase wagon R.
because,Maruti's service is very good in India anywhere.

&Maruti WagonR is low maintance car in Hyundai i10.
So,i think you must be purchase Maruti WagonR!

Posted: 3845 day(s) ago

I am a Maruti fan,I do not like WagonR but you can still go for Swift insted of i10,or just wait for the wagonR replacement Cervo but,i do not know when.....if you still want to go in one of these check for the maintanence cost.

Posted: 3809 day(s) ago

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