How will be the impact of prices of used Maruti 800 Alto

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How will be the impact of prices of used Maruti 800 / Alto / WagonR etc. as the international giants have introduced cheaper SUVs this year in AutoExpo 2010?
  • 4894 day(s) ago by Srinivasan Mani
Under: Maruti Alto #Cars
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Asif Alam
Not sure what you mean by that questions. Each segments has its own demand and buyers..An Alto costs less than 3 lakhs and a cheapest SUV will cost not less than 13 lakh..there is huge price difference there..I don't think there is going to be any impact from buyers below 6 lakh in India

Posted: 4893 day(s) ago

I'm not sure how the prices for Alto or WagonR will change based on the launch of the cheaper SUVs this year - they are in different segments but yes - the price is expected to drop for Maruti Alto and WagonR based on some new released in the last couple of days.
Regarding the cheapest SUV being proposed (not yet launched in India) is Rio from Premier Automobiles.
For more info, you can read at the following link:
So I would disagree on the fact that the cheapest SUV is not less than 13 lakhs (Mahindra Scorpio costs less than 13 Lakhs).

Posted: 4892 day(s) ago

Maruti 800,Wagon R etc are hatchbacks. The direct comparision between new SUV and used hatchback is quite difficult.
People prefering used hatchbacks will certainly go for the cars like Maruti 800, or Santro etc etc.
However as a general rule used car price will come down with availbility of updated features cars at cheaper price.

Posted: 4892 day(s) ago

Srinivasan Mani
Boxer CT
Thanks for all your answers. It was wrongly mentioned as SUV instead of hatchback. I was mentioning about the hatchback versions released recently in the AutoExpo 2010 by many Indian & International companies with a price band of 2.59 lacs to 3.5 lacs. Hope this clarifies your doubt.

Posted: 4888 day(s) ago

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